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Case Study Writing

The case is an independent written form in which the student aims to find a solution to a specific problem by applying in practice their knowledge of the discipline. The development of a case is quite complicated because it requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and Buy Essay Online .

Gradually, case studies are entering the teaching and assessment of knowledge in a number of colleges and universities. They are very popular as a form of testing at the New Bulgarian University, University of National and World Economy, Dimitar Tsenov Academy of Economics, International Business School and others.

Due to its analytical and applied nature, the case is used by teachers to assess not only the theoretical knowledge of students in a discipline but also their ability to form logical conclusions; the ability to propose and argue alternative and non-traditional solutions to specific problems; to seek and apply new, non-traditional approaches and strategies for analysis of a specific problem; to search for and apply up-to-date data in the analysis, etc.

The elaboration of each case passes before the obligatory preliminary stage of comprehending the essence of the task and selection and systematization of the scientific literature, current data, statistics, court decisions, etc., which are related to finding an adequate solution to the case. What follows is a stage of analysis and formulation of alternative solutions to the set case. In which theory and practice should be intertwined into a complete text.

Structurally , the case contains the following elements:

  • Introduction – a brief reference to the problem under consideration and the theoretical formulation of its solution.
  • Solution – a detailed analysis of the problem posed in the case and finding a solution by applying theoretical knowledge in practice.
  • Conclusion – a brief summary of the main conclusions and recommendations.
  • References – a list of all sources used to find a solution to the case.

The layout and technical parameters vary. Each teacher has different standards for the font, size and margins of the text, for the number and numbering of pages, for the way of quoting in the text, etc.


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Four steps to submit your take home assignment properly

Assume you have just completed your interview and are ready to rock the party to celebrate your dream job tonight. You are preparing excitingly, and suddenly you discover an email suggesting, “Welcome to the next level where we will give you a take-home assignment.” You may think how can I complete it without an experienced assignments help provider? If your concern is ready to spoil your party for the day, wait a moment and use these steps to conquer take-home assignment hurdle

  • Don’t search for the right answers:

Companies around the world are resorting to take-home assignment projects in the majority of high scale jobs. Australian companies have made it almost mandatory to submit take-home assignments before final selection. In Brisbane candidates are found regularly searching for “assignment help Brisbanein their agony to resolve it by the night’s time. However, the selectors know that as a fresh candidate, you cannot know in depth details of the company. Don’t make it difficult by searching for the right answers all the time. Your agony may drop your confidence or the rest of the selection process. So do however you can, but be free of unnecessary tension.

  • Work with your hiring manager before your before submission

If you have got psyched out already and making things clumsier, work with your hiring manager as paper help in this take-home assignment. Remember, the assignor is aware of the fact that you don’t know every solution you are asked to reach. It’s better if you work with your hiring manager on this part. They are as much part of the assignment as you are. Don’t forget this is just a way they can test your temperament before joining.

  • Write down the points in a separate sheet

Your recruiter may confuse you with difficult problems and questions on the history and present standing of the company. You don’t need to panic, yet you cannot miss this opportunity to gather as much information as possible. Also, with the help of an assignment writer you can prepare notes for the submission and follow that sheet with bullet points and succinct information for every further hurdle.  Carry separate sheets for separate categories.

  • Jot down your problems in descriptions

After preparing the notes with definite points and classification of information, put it across in an essay form where a detailed description of the questions will feature. Whether you find an essay writing help for you or do it yourself, this part of the assignment needs to unpack your ideas in an elaborate manner. If it requires the details of the history and background of the company, put our own studies and comparative analysis to trick your lack of knowledge.


In conclusion it can be said that take-home assignments are just a way to test your cleverness and presence of mind to tackle difficult questions. Recruiters find it helpful to assess your commitment and dedication at the early stages of your joining. So, be confident and crack your next dream job confidently. Related service- paraphrasing tool

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What are the Elements that the Proofreaders check?

Proofreading services are one of the essential services provided by assignment help websites. It is an integral part of any assignment. You should not ignore this step while working on a task. The grades depend on the flawlessness of the project. Hence, it is essential to check the paper before submitting it. The experts working with the service providers know what needs to be checked and can help you get everything rectified faster. The following are the points they check while going through the write-up.

  1. Spelling and grammar

The two most essential elements of any write-up are spelling and grammar. You cannot justify the write-up if there is any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the write-up is flawless and does not have such errors. The custom writing service experts are cautious while writing the papers and check these elements before delivering the project. An expert also starts his work by checking these elements. As a result, you will not find any spelling or grammatical errors when you get the paper back from them.

  1. Academic conventions

The style of writing depends on where you are studying. It is essential to check the academic conventions while proofreading the paper. The spellings need to be as per the academic convention of the place. The writing services. are well aware of each convention and check them when you ask them to proofread your paper. These mistakes can ruin your chances of getting high grades. Therefore, you must ensure that everything is as per the academic conventions.

  1. Structure

The assignments need to follow a particular structure. Your instructor will check the structure before putting in the grades. The Paper writers review if you have maintained the format. The points need to be put in correctly. You must justify each section and the points. The essay will have no value if the data is not put in correctly. The experts check these things and make the necessary changes to help you score well.

Proofreading is a crucial step followed by professional writers as well. You need to understand the importance of the same and seek the necessary help. Students need to handle many projects, and they often fail to follow this step. You must know that this can ruin your chances of scoring well on the paper. Hence, taking help from essay writer is the best option. They will check all the above points and deliver the paper to you quickly. Then, you will be able to submit the same within the stipulated time.


The Problems Students Face When It Comes To Calculating Knowledge

We are going to take a look into some of the difficulties that students face when it comes to arithmetic. While this might be somehow basic, let us try to see exactly what it entails to make sure that math is something that anyone can easily handle and excel in. A lot of research is required in mathematics, and as much of that, the learner will have to consider a couple of things before he gets the whole of it. These included proper dedication to put in the hard work and the trying to get the hang of it, being distracted by the answers, not wanting to go back to the problem-solving process, and eventually getting the best out of it all. Let’s not forget that in college, for one to graduate with a decent grade, they have to meet every other test that there is. Therefore, for you to live a happy and fulfilled life,   essay writers is entirely focused on that particular subject. For instance, in Business Economics, the lecturer tends to give sums of money that are generally considered to be too costly for everyone to spend. That means if an entry-level finance assignment is given, the teacher has to be convinced that it is considerably well researched and presented, and that using the correct strategy is the only way to profit from the results. Likewise, in Biology, the professor will always emphasize on the macroeconomic aspects of the questions. One of the primary ways of preventing unprofessionalism in the lab is to involve questionnaires. The researcher then asks the participants to draw insights from the data collected. Then, after considering the various viewpoints of their information, the bottom line is that the findings should be represented in a graph,

Some Assignments that Are a Waste of Time

From the amounts of assignments that have already befallen, it is clear that teachers will devote a vast amount of time to these tasks. However, where that is not possible, giving long lectures or Lecturerships will mean that a poorly-written Math essay will usually result in the dismissal of the scholar. Here, the cheated will realize that the cost of learning is essentially in the form of less than the recommended mark. Subsequently, the studied person will have no choice but to teach a sub-standard topic, which will, in turn, lead to poor performance. The got, hoodwinked will be left with low grades, and the funds that have be diverted to pay for a course will end Up Inadequately done projects will also factor in;

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Four Effective Tips For You To Write First-Class Essays


Essays are the most popular types of assignments students usually have to deal with. Some of you may opt for paper writing services to get this task done efficiently. Essays highlight your researching, critical thinking and writing skills. You may also have to write essays to apply for a scholarship program or your dream colleges. No matter what your purpose is, you can’t ignore essay writing while you are in college. So, here are the top four tips for you to write a first-class essay without going insane.

  1. Review the essay question

At times, you may have to develop your own essay questions. But, most of the times, your professors hand out the essay questions. Identify the process word in your question to understand what you are required to write in the essay. However, it is better to avail of paper writing services if you find the essay question too complicated to understand.

  1. Conduct thorough research

Now that you know what the question requires you to do, it’s time to gather relevant research material on the topic. Researching takes time. If you have urgent deadlines, you can use an essay rewriter and complete the paper on time. If you have enough time, go through books, articles, journals and encyclopedias relevant to your topic. Once you have collected the key research findings, create a rough outline.

  1. Start writing

There are different types of essays and each category serves a unique purpose. Anyway, you can follow a basic structure while working on any type of essay in your curriculum. The structure consists of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction provides a basic overview of your essay. The body paragraphs are where you need to showcase your research findings. And the conclusion provides closure to your readers. The concluding paragraph shouldn’t consist of any new information.

  1. Proofread and edit

Proofreading is an essential part of writing and most students tend to overlook this. You may not realize it, but there are tons of silly errors you may make while writing your essays. The errors could be anything from grammatical mistakes to misspellings or inappropriate sentence structures. Do not proofread your essay the same day you wrote it. Proofread it the next day so that you can see your work from a fresh perspective.

Writing essays is complicated. But, the task isn’t an unattainable goal. You can write quality essays only if you follow the steps described above. Work hard and stay focused no matter what.


Are you struggling to write a first-class essay? Here are some easy steps that can help you write supreme quality essays right on time. Implement the steps carefully and you will be able to write impressive essays without hassle.