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Top 10 Places To Learn Technical Analysis

The trading world is booming, and companies are more than eager to sell their stocks to customers in exchange for equity and capital. However, on the other hand, investors and traders need to have a thorough understanding of the stock market to reap profits from their trades successfully. There are several tools and techniques in place which helps customers evaluate the financial market and make better trading decisions.

Technical analysis is one such discipline of trading where traders can learn to identify new opportunities in the stock market and better gains for themselves. Thus, understanding technical analysis can equip you with crucial skills to make profitable gains.

Read on to find out the best places online from where you can learn technical analysis.

What is technical analysis?

Most investors seek to analyze different stocks based on fundamental factors like revenue, industry trends, and valuation, among others. However, these basic factors are not always reflected in the market price of stocks. This is where technical analysis steps in and seeks to predict different price movements and fluctuations by carefully examining stock price, volume, and historical data.

Thus, technical analysis is a disciple of trading where traders try to identify different trading opportunities and evaluate investments by scrutinizing statistical trends which they gather from previous trading activities, like the movement of price and volume of stocks. It is used to assess and analyze patterns and price trends of stocks as seen on trading charts.

People who use technical analysis for stock evaluation are called technical analysts. These people believe that the previous trading history of stocks and the price change can be a valuable indicator of the stock’s future movements in price.

Understanding the process of technical analysis

Technical analysis is different from the fundamental analysis of stocks because it uses the study of prices and volume of stocks as critical indicators for future stock market prediction. Technical analysts use tools that scrutinize how the demand and supply for stocks will impact volume, volatility, and prices.

Various short-term signals for trading are generated from technical analysis. It can also help improve the overall evaluation of a security’s weaknesses or strengths. This information is valuable for technical analysts to enhance their overall estimation evaluation.

Technical analysis can also be used with any security with past trading data recorded. This historical trading data is vital for technical analysts to work upon and determine the future of securities. This can be in the form of futures, commodities, stocks, currencies, fixed incomes, and other securities present in the market. Thus, technical analysis is prevalent in places like the commodities and the forex market, where traders need to focus on the short-term movement of prices.

Below are the types of indicators technical analysts use to determine the future of different securities.

  • Chart patterns
  • Price trends
  • Momentum and volume indicators
  • Moving averages
  • Oscillators
  • Resistance and support levels

Assumptions for technical analysis

The entire field of technical analysis is built on three main assumptions.

  1. The stock market discounts everything

Technical analysts believe that everything from broad market factors to a company’s fundamentals to even market psychology is already priced into individual stocks. This theory is congruent with the Hypothesis of Efficient Markets and thus helps analysts easily determine certain securities’ exact future.

  1. Movements in prices

Technical analysts believe that even in random market movements, the stock prices will exhibit certain trends regardless of the observation period. Thus, the price of a stock is likely to follow the same pattern instead of showing erratic behaviour. Several strategies for technical analysis are based on this assumption.

  1. History repeats itself – even in the stock market

Technical analysts believe that the nature of repetitive price movements in the market is attributed to market psychology. This enables the price movement to be easily predictable. Therefore, technical analysts use chart patterns for analyzing market psychology and understanding market trends.

Learning Technical Analysis

Learning technical analysis can have several advantages for you. Apart from better predicting the market, you will also learn key skills to predict the future of critical and volatile stocks. In addition, you will also gather the skills needed to correctly identify market patterns and analyze data charts to make sense of past trends.

However, learning technical analysis will require some time, effort and dedication on your part. You will also need to study and practice your newly acquired skills to get your knowledge and understanding right. Besides studying different indicators and patterns, you will also need essay help for this to master risk management and behavioural economics.

The more knowledge you gain in technical analysis, the more confident you become in this field. This is why the best way to learn technical analysis is to start with a professional course.

There are several places online where you can learn technical analysis as a part of a course. Below are some of the options available for you. Check out the great courses below.

  1. Udemy

Udemy can be your number one choice for learning courses online. Udemy’s technical analysis course covers everything one would need to master technical analysis. Suppose you are a beginner just starting in trading or an intermediate with sufficient knowledge of the market. In that case, you can have a look at Udemy’s technical analysis course developed by experts.


  • Udemy is a reputed provider of different educational courses
  • You can get a beginner to intermediate knowledge of technical analysis
  • You are taught by successful traders who have made a name for themselves
  • You get lifetime access to their study materials


  • You do not get any such opportunities for practical application of your skills

The course at Udemy has a rating of 9.8/10, making it your number one option for learning all the technical analysis tools in one place.

  1. Ultimate Candlestick Trading and Analysis Bundle by Travis Rose

The Ultimate Candlestick Trading and Analysis Bundle by Travis Rose is filled with rich content that can take a novice trader to an expert one in just a few days. This is why this is also one of the most popular technical analysis course options for beginner traders out there.


  • It is specifically designed to be used by novice traders
  • It is filled with comprehensive content and courses
  • It provides you with lifetime access to their learning materials
  • It has one of the best ratings in the market


  • You do not receive any mentoring or coaching with this course
  • Prices can be a bit high for beginners

This technical analysis course by Travis Rose provides you with a complete step by step process to effortlessly learn and understand technical analysis from scratch. It has user-friendly content, including 136 lessons, videos, e-books and trading tips and strategies.

  1. Bullish Bears

The Bullish Bear technical analysis course can be an excellent choice for individuals looking to gain extensive knowledge and jump right into trading. It offers you free courses along with an e-book to try out their program before making any payments. It also provides you access to their trading rooms for 7 days and offers valuable trading tools you will need along your journey.


  • Free e-book and beginner courses
  • 7-day trial member at zero costs
  • 24×7 chat room support
  • Options for live screen share and other features that make learning more interactive


  • Few online testimonials and reviews

For individuals who want to try their hand at trading at absolutely zero costs, the Bullish Bears technical analysis course can be a great option. In addition, one can gain hands-on experience on industry-standard tools used in technological forecasting and trading.

  1. Stock Charts

Stock Charts has a vast collection of charts and also provides a voluminous database of guides, articles and lessons to understand and interpret technical trading charts. This makes it a favourite choice of course for individuals looking to understand the ins and outs of technical analysis.


  • Users get free access to their vast online learning resources
  • Users also get access to free charting services
  • Huge collection of trading charts
  • Low costs of membership


  • Free options in charting are limited
  • Free data in charts is not dynamic

Interpreting and understanding trading charts are an intrinsic part of technical analysis. This is where Stock Charts helps you get acquainted with charting services while at the same time teaching you about the nitty-gritty of technology forecasting.

  1. The Chart Guys

Beginner courses for The Chart Guys technical analysis program are free. However, their valuable educational resources start to unfold once you become a member. This is why The Chart Guys’ course for technical analysis is one of the best for comprehensive understanding and knowledge in this field.


  • Extensive community of traders
  • The beginner course offering is vast and comprehensive
  • It has a supportive environment for learning and practical application of your skills
  • It offers you great value in exchange for a nominal membership fee


  • You do not get access to a trading room

With its 40 lessons and seven modules, this course ranks high on the list of the best technical analysis courses out there. However, the real learning begins once you become a member and get access to their full range of educational resources that covers all the topics of technical analysis in depth.

  1. Charting School by JC Parets

Course instructor and designer JC Parets is probably one of the most widely followed and popular technical analysts. His carefully designed programs in technical analysis are one of the best for learning trading from an expert. Student also look for location vise help such as Assignment Help Sharjah


  • You get access to a program designed by a world-renowned analyst
  • You get to dig deep into vital technical analysis concepts and topics
  • Prices are fair compared to the industry average


  • The course is primarily designed for novice traders
  • You get no mentoring, coaching or access to the trading community

If you are interested in learning something as complicated as technical analysis, you might as well learn it from one of the best in the business. JC Parets is a globally popular technical analysis, and numerous successful traders have attributed their success to his guidance and mentoring.

  1. Stock Technical Trader by Marketfy

This technical analysis course is designed for advanced learners with a rich trading experience with open access to all trading resources. This program can be your one-stop destination to access everything related to the stock market. You get access to a live trading room, trade alerts and also learning videos to help you strengthen your foundations in analysis.


  • Nominal membership fees
  • Rich trading experience compared to the membership fee
  • Opportunities to interact and learn from other traders


  • No personal mentoring or guidance

If you are looking for a trading experience that will allow you to learn technical analysis in detail, the Stock Technical Trader Course by Marketfy is the one for you. You get access to a complete technical analysis course designed by leading industry experts for a nominal fee.

Final thoughts

Although it is possible to learn technical analysis from reading books and watching free online videos, courses offer you a more effective and engaging way to learn. A quality technical analysis course will allow you to access the same content as a coursebook. However, it adds visual insights for learning expert tips, trading contexts, and real-world experience in handling trading tools.

This is why a quality course can be an excellent investment for individuals wishing to gain comprehensive knowledge in technical analysis.

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Four study tips for chemistry

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Follow these tips and see how you improve in chemistry.

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What Is The Best Way To Write Essay

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There are four major essay writing formats that students are usually asked to write when they are enrolled in the universities of Singapore. Each format has specific requirements and rules. Check out the four formats with examples to understand the purpose of each essay with ease.

1.    Narrative Essays

As the name suggests, narrative essays are all about narrating a story about a real-life experience. This type of essay challenges a student to think creatively and write about himself/herself (here need essay rewriter). It is important to make the story sound as vivid as possible through your writing. The narrative essays are written in the first person to make the readers feel that they are a part of the story.

Example: Playground Memory

‘In elementary school, I garnered so many memories at the playground and my classroom. It’s not easy for an introvert to make friends at a new place. Thankfully, I had some wonderful teachers and understanding classmates, who made sure I felt at ease.’

2.    Expository Essays

If you are looking forward to writing an informative piece that presents a balanced analysis of the topic, then the programming homework help essay is the one. You need relevant examples, statistics, facts and other details to explain or define a topic. Expository essays encompass a wide range of formats. Some of them are ‘compare and contrast’, cause and effect, etc. Unlike narrative essays, expository essays are not based on personal feelings but facts.

Example: Effective methods to feel real happiness

On holiday postcards every year, we wish each other to be happy. We write the banal phrase ‘Be Happy Everyone!’ and try to share happiness with our loved ones. But, what does it actually mean? According to scientists, there are several methods to be happy. Helping others selflessly is one of the most effective methods.

3.    Descriptive Essays

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Example: What makes a film great?

There are different criteria that make a film a standout piece of art. The six spheres of discipline are the characters, script, sound, visuals, acting and timing. For a film to be really great, it has to excel in all these areas. The dialogs in scripts should not be unnatural or clunky. An awkward script can ruin the entire film despite an amazing plot or beautiful visuals.

4. Persuasive Essays

The main aim a persuasive essay is to convince the reader of your point of view. You need to present the facts logically, so that it compels the reader to think about your perspective. You can use relevant facts, logic, examples, expert opinion, assignment help and sound reasoning. You might list all the sides of an argument. But, you must be able to convey to your readers without equivocation why a certain position is right.

Examples: Girls in Sports

Girls tend to drop out of sports more regularly than boys. But, that doesn’t mean that the engagement of girls in this field is wrong. Girls who participate in sports stay healthier both mentally and physically. According to “The Huffington Post”, “Her Life Depends On It III”, there are 1500+ studies that demonstrate the significance of physical activities and sports for women.

Essay writing is fun if you are good at playing with your words. Read a lot of books to understand these writing techniques even better. Practice hard and get help if you are unable to understand the topic.



Four Effective Tips For You To Write First-Class Essays


Essays are the most popular types of assignments students usually have to deal with. Some of you may opt for paper writing services to get this task done efficiently. Essays highlight your researching, critical thinking and writing skills. You may also have to write essays to apply for a scholarship program or your dream colleges. No matter what your purpose is, you can’t ignore essay writing while you are in college. So, here are the top four tips for you to write a first-class essay without going insane.

  1. Review the essay question

At times, you may have to develop your own essay questions. But, most of the times, your professors hand out the essay questions. Identify the process word in your question to understand what you are required to write in the essay. However, it is better to avail of paper writing services if you find the essay question too complicated to understand.

  1. Conduct thorough research

Now that you know what the question requires you to do, it’s time to gather relevant research material on the topic. Researching takes time. If you have urgent deadlines, you can use an essay rewriter and complete the paper on time. If you have enough time, go through books, articles, journals and encyclopedias relevant to your topic. Once you have collected the key research findings, create a rough outline.

  1. Start writing

There are different types of essays and each category serves a unique purpose. Anyway, you can follow a basic structure while working on any type of essay in your curriculum. The structure consists of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction provides a basic overview of your essay. The body paragraphs are where you need to showcase your research findings. And the conclusion provides closure to your readers. The concluding paragraph shouldn’t consist of any new information.

  1. Proofread and edit

Proofreading is an essential part of writing and most students tend to overlook this. You may not realize it, but there are tons of silly errors you may make while writing your essays. The errors could be anything from grammatical mistakes to misspellings or inappropriate sentence structures. Do not proofread your essay the same day you wrote it. Proofread it the next day so that you can see your work from a fresh perspective.

Writing essays is complicated. But, the task isn’t an unattainable goal. You can write quality essays only if you follow the steps described above. Work hard and stay focused no matter what.


Are you struggling to write a first-class essay? Here are some easy steps that can help you write supreme quality essays right on time. Implement the steps carefully and you will be able to write impressive essays without hassle.