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How Long Has the Pirate Bay Been Down?

Posted on 27 junio, 2020

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These sites usually reside in countries where there are no restrictions to thePirateBay, and are managed by people who abide by the same philosophy as the operators of the Pirate Bay do.


The Piratebay access has also been affected by the actions of several companies. Facebook blocked all messages, both private and public, containing links to the PirateBay in 2009. This was Facebook’s response to a feature introduced by the Pirate Bay, which allowed Facebook’s users to share links to torrents.


Similarly, in 2012, Microsoft introduced measures to block links to the Pirate Bay in its Window Live Messenger app. The company later explained that it had blocked those links at the request of several user complaints. These sites usually reside in countries where thePirateBay is not restricted, and are managed by people who follow the same philosophy as the Pirate Bay operators do.


The access to Piratebay has also been affected by a number of companies’ actions. Facebook blocked all private and public messages including PirateBay connections in 2009. This was the response from Facebook to a feature launched by Pirate Bay, which enabled users of Facebook to exchange links to torrents.


Similarly, Microsoft introduced measures to block Pirate Bay links in its Window Live Messenger app in 2012. Later the company clarified that, at the behest of many customer reports, it had removed those connections.


WordPress is another app that has been blocked by the authorities, as there was evidence that it was being used to share information about the torrents in Piratebayproxy. Many still use the app to acquire movies , music, and software in a sort of peer to peer way.


Moreover, although the site of the Pirate Bay is alive, some features of it may not be available. For example , in September 2019 the blog site Torrent Freak reported that registrations were closed for more than three months. The PirateBay developers took this action to counter spammers that were abusing the site.


Still being down hasn’t meant vanishing for thePirateBay. On the contrary, the site has grown steadily in popularity throughout the years and currently boasts several million users. Collaborations with enthusiastic and loyal fans have also proved reliant, as shown in the case of Thumper, aka ThumperTM. This registered user, who describes herself as a Swiss female Pirate Bay user, has uploaded more than 1000 torrents. Her 2016 release of Microsoft Office Pro Plus has received thousands of updates between them. Her motivation in citing the classic ‘pirate’ slogan, as she describes it: for her “sharing is loving.”


How secure is Bay Pirate?


If accessed from a country that does not block it, the Piratebay is as safe as any website is. There are some questions, such as the fact that it was used to mine crypto-currencies, without the customer knowing it. Perhaps perhaps a condition for confidence is to have a common set of principles.


Access can be achieved via a piratebay proxy or mirror site from a country which blocks the Piratebay. Security can be a concern in this case, since the user is not always aware that WHO is behind the site. A good measure of avoidance is to do some work beforehand, and consider a well-known proxy or mirror link. Although, this may be hampered by the fact that, over time, mirror and pirate proxy sites often change.


In addition to the Piratebay website itself, the user will be informed about the origins of the downloaded content and the software used by the torrent app. Since the Piratebay is only an intermediary, enabling people to anonymously connect and share content, it can not ensure that the files involved in the transfer are free of malicious content. There are two important actions to be taken in this way. Second, use a well-known torrent app, and second have in your system a decent antivirus program.


Several torrent-client applications are available for download, some of them such as BitLord. In general, well known torrent – client programs can be trusted, but there is not a 100 percent guarantee that they are completely clean. A good preventive measure is to download it from the source site, rather than from other unknown websites which claim to have it available.


The Pirate Bay is normally open 24/7 to business. If you find your access is restricted, then moving to a VPN or pirate proxy might help you solve the issue. Then make this set of options when this doesn’t fit and you can still have access to the torrents you want.


Malicious content, such as versions of Microsoft’s Windows, has been reported to exist mainly in applications, with some people blame it on the developers themselves. However, according to reports from other users, old app versions, which are inaccessible from other websites, can be found on the Piratebay, normally without fear of unsafe material being included.


Another precautionary measure is to investigate where the file originates from. For instance, many users have protested that material originating in China contains extra-unwanted materials, such as viruses that can target the computer, or ads that can damage children.


Video files are generally considered unharmful, because they are viewed only by people. Nevertheless, hackers have been using many methods to infest the machines of the PirateBay ‘s customers.


One of these techniques consist in uploading many torrent files and then seeding these files themselves. This trick is used to attract other users, seeing a large number of seeds. When addicted, these consumers become infected with viruses found in the target urls. Another approach uses several accounts, some of which have been hacked, with the goal of producing a number of seeds and thereby drawing unskilled users.


Another practice exploits a Windows Media Player (WMP) file feature , which allows you to attach a text file to the media file. These text files are used, for instance, to falsely warn you of some lost codex, and to take you to a page where you can ostensibly access the information you need. Once you naively click on the link, for example in the form of a harmless-looking installer, you are prompted to a web site that contains malicious code.


There are frequent reports of bogus pages selling torrent search functionality and utilizing domains that look legal. Once you visit these sites, you may only see advertising and fake torrents that might ask for money to use them. Some of them offer shirts, mugs, and posters, claiming the proceeds go to the legit Pirate Bay.


In addition , an important measure, also recommended by the Pirate Bay, is to hide the computer’s IP address in order to anonymously access the website. You can accomplish this metric-to a degree-by using a strong VPN. There are also several allegations that individuals and organizations are harassed and punished after uploading files, even while using a VPN.


As regards access to the Pirate Bay for minors, the best protective measure is to block the site from your computer, whether by using a firewall or by running one of the many computer programs available on the market for child protection.


The safety also has to do with your personal ethics. For eg, you would want to avoid the Pirate Bay if you don’t want to be subjected to material with pornographic content. While only registered users can specifically search for pornographic material, the uncensored nature of the website has allowed many people to post a lot of content that may be objectionable to other users. This dangerous content also has to do with hate material, fanatic views, violent videos and more that can cause serious damage when accessed by immature people.


To sum up, taking the possibility of accessing the Pirate Bay is a moral decision that has to be weighed between your moral beliefs, the fear of being captured, and the precautionary steps you may take.



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