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How To Enable Cash App Direct Deposit

Posted on 21 noviembre, 2020

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In the view of the rising trend of contactless payments, the traditional way of sending and receiving payment through checks is no more in fashion. Say thanks to the direct deposit services which have revolutionized the way of getting paid online. More specifically, when it comes to receiving payment through stimulus checks, salary checks, pension checks, or even unemployment benefits more than 7 million people prefer Cash App direct deposit. Why? Because it is simple, fast, safe, and user-friendly.

However, the truth is, Square Cash App is not the only one that offers direct check withdrawal services. There are a few more big brands out there that offer direct deposits services such as Chime, PayPal, and Venmo. But, the level of quality and professionalism in the services I have found in Cash App that one is missing in other mobile payment apps.

That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to write about how you can activate direct deposit on Cash App and allow your employer, IRS, and Government to put your paychecks into your wallet. Let’s get over it in more details:

What does the Cash App direct deposit 2020?

Cash App direct deposit, as the name suggests, it is a simple and hassle-free way to get paid online. Basically, once you activate this service, your employer and or other check issuers can send money to your Cash App wallet. Also, be informed that direct deposit is a free service. From activation to set up and receiving payment everything is free. Now the question is- who can enable Cash App direct deposit? A piece of good news is that anyone who is a certified user of Cash App can enable direct deposit on Cash App with ease of mind. Find below more information in the next section.

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How to enable Cash App direct deposit to withdraw paychecks?

Before you follow the simple steps and activate a direct deposit feature on Cash App, there is one thing to keep in mind. And that is about the Cash App card. You must have an activated Cash App Visa debit card, only then you can enable your direct deposit service in Square Cash App. Also, don’t forget to verify your identity on Cash App. Once you are done with these formalities, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the Square payment app and press the “My Cash” button available at the far bottom-left corner.
  • Now select the cash button.
  • Move down to find the direct deposit option; press it.
  • Right here you can see the cash app routing number and your linked bank account number.
  • Select the “Get account” number option.
  • Here comes a terms and conditions link, you can read them or just check a box.
  • Now press the “Enable Direct Deposit Account” button.
  • Finally, to activate direct deposit service, share the Cash App routing number and account number with your employer or check issuing authority.
  • Also, mention Lincoln Saving Bank as the name of the Cash App bank name, if required.

Important Note: Make sure you enter all the details accurately and correctly otherwise your direct deposit payment may be stuck.


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