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Overview of Selenium with C-Sharp

21 noviembre, 2020 in Sin categoría

What is Selenium?

  • Selenium is among the most significant testing frameworks for automation since it supports various programming languages ​​such as  Java, Python, C #, Ruby, Perl, and  PHP, and so on.
  • And also to optimize test scripts on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac,  Linux, in different browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
  • Selenium supports other analysis tools to handle the test case and to produce testing results, such as TestNG and JUnit.

What is C-Sharp?

  • C # is an object-oriented software program and is pronounced C-sharp, that operates on the .Net platform.
  • The C # language, which stands for Common Language Runtime, was created to operate the CLR.
  • In C #, with the assistance of features, we can split the program into elements; that’s why it is often named a structured programming language.

Why is C-Sharp the best for automation testing?

  • C # IDE is Visual Studio, that compared to Java’s Eclipse, offers a faster creation and debugging experience.
  • C # has a lot of built-in features which make it easy to create.
  • Another programming language that also supports Selenium binding is c #.
  • C # is useful for automation testing because, with the help of Visual Studio on the .Net platform, it allows the automation test engineer to create an application.
  • And this language connection, along with the Java application, will also be modified.

Selenium with C #

This section explains how to upload, installing and configuring Visual Studio and Selenium with Visual Studio, NUnit Platform, and run Visual Studio program legend using the C # programming language.

In order to use selenium with C # training, follow the procedure below:

  • Configure Selenium with Visual Studio in C #
  • Configure Selenium using NUnit in Visual Studio

C # Tutorial

  • The C # tutorial offers fundamental and advanced C # techniques. For beginners and professionals, our C # tutorial is planned. FITA is the best training institute for  Selenium with C# Training with certification.
  • The .Net Application programming language is C #.
  • All C # topics such as the first example, monitor measures, objects and classes, inheritance, function Object () {[native code]}, destructor, this, static, sealed, polymorphism, abstraction, abstract class, application, namespace, encapsulation, properties, indexer, collections, strings, regex, exception management, multi-threading, file IO and collection are included in our C # tutorial.

Tableau is the best data visualization tool

11 noviembre, 2020 in Sin categoría

What Are Data Visualization Tools?

Data visualization tools offer a simpler way for data visualization developers to construct visual representations of vast sets of data. Automating the process of making a visualization, at least in part, makes the task of a programmer considerably simpler when working with data sets that contain hundreds of thousands or millions of data sources.

These data visualizations will also be used for several purposes: dashboards, income statements, marketing and sales documents, slide decks for analysts, and data that requires to be quickly interpreted almost everywhere else.

What do the best methods for visualizing data have in common?

  • The best data visualization tools on the market have a few things in common. Their ease of use is main. For data visualization, there are some extremely complex apps available. Some are built-in ways that sound natural to the consumer and have excellent documentation and tutorial. In such regions, others are missing, excluding them from any list of “best” devices, irrespective of their other abilities.
  • Huge sets of data can also be managed by the right methods. In addition, in a single visualization, the very good can even manage multiple sets of data.
  • An array of different maps, graphs, and map types can also be generated using the best tools. Some methods for visualizing data concentrate on a single form of chart or chart and do it really well. Those tools also have a place among the “best” tools out there.
  • Finally, there are cost considerations. While a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily disqualify a tool, the higher price tag has to be justified in terms of better support, better features, and better overall value.

Tableau (and Tableau Public)

  • A variety of options are required for Tableau, including a web browser, database and online hosted versions, and a free public alternative. From CSV files to Google AdWords and Analytics data to Salesforce data, there are hundreds of data import options available.
  • Multiple chart formats as well as mapping capabilities provide performance choices. This means that designers can build color-coded maps that display historically significant data in a format that is far easier to absorb than could ever be a chart or graph.
  • For those finding a useful way to build a visualization tool that can be used in several environments, the public release of Tableau is free to be using. Tableau Public has loads of possible applications, ranging from analysts to political junkies to those who just want to measure their own life data. They have a comprehensive collection of infographics and visualization tools that were designed to serve as inspiration for those interested in making their own with the public version.

Pros of Tableau:

  • Hundreds of data import choices.
  • Mapping ability.
  • The free public version accessible.
  • Lots of video tutorials to walk you through how to use Tableau.

If you want to use Tableau and you must learn  Tableau Course in Chennai . FITA is the best provider for  Tableau Training in Chennai  with placement assistance and now, this certification very support to get the best career!


Interview Questions for UNIX

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Unix is ​​the best Operating System. Unix Training in Chennai  is the best option for your best career. FITA is the best place for  Unix Course in Chennai  and we are providing Unix Interview Questions. These are mentioned below:

When it comes to scripting, what do you learn about the word shell?

Basically, it serves as direct contact between the client and the kernel. Despite the fact that there is always only one kernel, which remains present, the machine will run several shells at once. Thus, the shell starts sharing messages with the kernel when a command is provided by the client. The tasks are then carried out and the data is transmitted to the client.

How do you place the grep and the egrep separately in Shell scripting?

It is simple to expand Grep, and the same can then be called egrep. In other words, an improved variant of the grip is the egrep. There are some added features in it, ie the extra occurrence of an old character can easily be taken into account. This can also be taken into consideration when alternative matching is mentioned.

How will you create shortcuts in Linux?

With the support of links present in UNIX, it can be accomplished. There have been two connexions that are commonly considered for this. In particular, they are known as

1. Soft Link

2. Hard Link

Describe something about the Super Block in Shell scripting?

It is essentially a program that contains all the information on a particular operating system. In terms of data processing and coding, it represents the block size that is used by its related number, the device size. This also includes data on the free inodes and data blocks generally compatible with the program.

Is it possible to transfer arguments to scripts while UNIX is running the same thing?

Yeah, it is probable and often this procedure is adopted. It is done to make sure that the machine does not have an error when the commands are executed and that the programs are going normally. There are also other reasons for which it can be performed.

In UNIX shell scripting, can you name the essential standard streams?

There are Standard Entry, Standard Output and Standard Error as well.

How do you measure the total number of arguments that a script has passed? Why are they essential?

This can be achieved easily with a command called $ #. In order to know the total load on a script, the same is needed. Each limit has a limitation on the same handling, and users always have to check it to ensure that the script remains in the operating mode and doesn’t crash.


Most Common Oracle Interview Questions

29 octubre, 2020 in Sin categoría

Technology moves at a rapid pace. This is particularly true with new software and its implementations constantly being modified in the department of computer science and communications. And businesses are still seeking developers in this field who are well versed in the latest technologies.

What are the forms you can write in Oracle comments?

For single reports, you can use two dashes (-).

For block information you can utilize (* – *).

What are the drawbacks and how do we use them?

Restrictions are guidelines for the data that you set up.

They can also be used to change the table, either during table development or later.

Is there a distinction between a key that is main and unique?

For a table, there can be only one main key and this must not contain a null value. To find a particular document, a key-value  is used in the data server. 

On the other hand, the Unique Key has been used to avoid the duplication of values ​​in the system. For a table, there may be more than one unique key and it is required to hold a null value. 

How different will TRANSLATE be from REPLACE? 

If you’d like to replace characters one after the other, you can use TRANSLATE, while REPLACE helps you to replace an entire character collection with a new, full string.

How is it that COALESCE and Combine vary?

The COALESCE command returns a value that is not null in the table set.

The AGGREGATE command enables to combine of multi-record values ​​into a single value. Functions such as number, average, and count, for instance.

What do you learn about Oracle Set Functions?

They are commands that are used to merge questions to get specific answers.

INTERSECT, for instance, will return the common results of each query performed. MINUS helps you to receive a result unique to the first question only. All results obtained from all questions are merged by UNION and UNION ALL so that the duplication takes place.

How do we create a trigger for a database?

A PL / SQL block can be created by using the Build TRIGGER clause, which will be automatically set off when the requirement is met.

What is Savepoints’ purpose?

Savepoints are points, much as in a game console, established while programming. We will return to the save point in the event a specific transaction fails.

What are the mistakes, and how are they approached by you?

There is the exception that occurs during coding and can typically be treated using the block command EXCEPTION.

What are these protections, and for what reason?

Privileges allow access to the contents of another person or the right to implement an order.

They are being used and can be allowed and disabled for any client when creating tasks.

What’s your view?

It is a logical list devoid of data, based on one or more different tables.

What is being used for Integrity Constraints?

These commands guarantee the program’s accuracy and quality of information. There are several kinds of domain integrity and referential integrity, for example.

What are the comments for DECODE and CASE?

Both commands are being used as alternatives to each other in the transformation of data points and function.

How do you connect two tables?

It is possible to connect data from different tables utilizing the MERGE command. This works by selecting and changing, respectively, the data in the source table and the secondary table depending on the query given.

What is the Process Stored?

They are commands written as a group to accomplish a particular task that is stored and called.

What is the Index’s task?

It’s being used to search for data with efficiency inside a database.

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