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Term Paper on Literature

Posted on 8 abril, 2021

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  • Anne Bronte and Agnes Gray ~ Governess Situation.

This is a paper in that states that Agnes Gray is a historical work that allows insight to a life of a governess of the time.

  • Anne Fausto-Sterling: The Five Sexes System.

In this paper topic a paper writer focuses on the five-sex system of the society. The author in her book, “sexing the body” discusses the two-gender system and shows how and why it should be replaced with five sexes system. She maintains that society consists of more than two genders and it sis important to include three more sexes to the list as that would help in creating a more balanced and less confused society.

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  • Anne Moody’s, Coming of Age in Mississippi .

This undergraduate level paper is an examination of the autobiographical work, “Coming of Age in Mississippi”, by Anne Moody. The paper looks at the themes of civil rights, individual freedom, and spiritual freedom within the novel. It concludes that the book was a direct extension of the struggle of her people prior to and during the Civil Rights movement.

  • Anne Sexton’s poem Cinderella

This paper will reveal what critics think of Anne Sexton’s poem Cinderella, and how they perceive this poetic device ion the Grimm’s fairytales. By using history help and understanding critical analysis in a poem, we can learn how it was constructed, and how it holds up in modern academia. By learning from the experts in the field of poetry, we can see the affects this poem had in its genre.

  • Annotated Bibliography for the Role of Gender in Science Fiction as Applied in the Television Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in Margaret Atwoods, The Handmaids Tale

This paper will examine gender roles in an annotated bibliography for the role of gender in science fiction as applied in the TV Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in Margaret AtwoodÂ’s book, The HandmaidÂ’s Tale. By understanding the bibliographic sources for the study of gender roles in these two topics, we can see how they are reversed in a Christian moralistic society.

  • Anti-Racist Education in Terms of Three Novels for Children.

This paper will argue that this is precisely the case with the three books that it will discuss: Lindgren’s “Pippi Longstocking”, Paula Fox’s “The Slave Dancer”, and Theodore Taylor’s “The Cay”. It will be shown how true racism can be hidden in an apparently “innocent” text, while another work for children – that appears racist in many respects – may be reinterpreted as an exceptional work of anti-Racist literature.

  • Anti-Semitism in The Sun Also Rises

This essay argues that Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” is anti-Semitic in terms of its treatment of the character Robert Cohn. Cohn is the anti-hero, yet he has Jewishness intentionally imposed upon him. In this respect, “The Sun Also Rises” involves anti-Semitism.

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