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Seven facts you need to know about the real estate market in Culiacán

Posted on 11 diciembre, 2020

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Founded in the distant year of 1531, the capital of Sinaloa, Culiacán will experience an interesting year in terms of real estate development, that is why in Lamudi we bring the seven facts you need to know about the real estate market in Culiacán in 2018.

Culiacán Rosales, capital of Sinaloa, is a city close to one million inhabitants because according to INEGI data in 2015 its population already exceeded 905 thousand inhabitants, a figure unimaginable in the distant beginning of the 20th century when only 10 thousand 380 people lived in its territory .

In the 21st century, Culiacán is a modern city that is part of the select group of the 10 Mexican cities with the most stable economy, in addition, it is positioned as the fifth city with the best business climate and heads the ranking of cities with formalities easiest in all of Mexico, something, it goes without saying, that surely all those who have to deal with the Culichi bureaucracy greatly value.


Focusing on the market and the real estate sector, only in the first two months of 2018 an investment of 12 million pesos has been reported, but great things are coming so let’s go to the seven facts you need to know about the real estate market of Culiacan …

About the Historic Center and the line of Culiacán

With buildings that date, for the most part, from the 16th and 19th centuries, the Historic Center of Culiacán covers an area of ​​2,471 square kilometers and represents one of the largest areas of opportunity that the city of Culiacán has within its real estate market.


With a diverse offer and for all budgets, currently renting a house in the Center of Culiacán means investing around 10,300 pesos a month on average, although one can find more accessible options.

Culiacán is a city divided into neighborhoods, subdivisions and residential areas, the latter designed for sectors with greater purchasing power.

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The beautiful Cathedral of Culiacán in the Historic Center

On the urban developments of Culiacán

Adding to the neighborhoods, subdivisions and residential areas that make up Culiacán are urban developments, cities within the city that seek to be a different housing option.

With their own identity, Tres Ríos and La Primavera have become culichis symbols as they offer all the services necessary for their inhabitants to enjoy a quality of life. Communities in full optimization phase in 2018 are expected to raise added values ​​and position themselves as the dream of every inhabitant of Culiacán.

About housing in Culiacán

The National Chamber of Housing Industry and Development (CANADEVI) Sinaloa chapter reported that in 2017 12 thousand new homes were created at the state level, of these around half are of social interest destined for the population with fewer resources.

Culiacán concentrates 33% of the total population of Sinaloa, so when developing housing special attention is paid to this city and although this 2018 an increase of 7.5 to 10% in housing prices is estimated due to the increase in construction materials is working with INFONAVIT to increase the amounts of mortgage loans for workers.


Currently, the amount of the most accessible housing at the state level is estimated at 380 thousand pesos and when looking at the prices of the offer announced in Lamudi it is reported that in the center of the city a house costs an average of 2 million 230 thousand pesos.

Carrying out a procedure in Culiacán is easy and fast.

By August 2018, Plaza Sendero Culiacán will be inaugurated, a project of Grupo Acosta Verde that involves an investment of one billion pesos and which will be the 37th under this concept nationwide.

The construction of Plaza Sendero Culiacán will generate 3,000 direct jobs and it is estimated that once it is in operation it will generate more than 6,500 jobs.

About Arena Culiacán

This real estate project is planned as a large theater that will be located within the Tres Ríos urban development. Arena Culiacán will be inaugurated in November of this year thanks to an investment of 240 million pesos.

In an area of ​​27,785 square meters, this venue can accommodate up to 10,000 people and can be segmented into 10 forums that are intended to present all kinds of concerts, shows and plays.

In Arena Culiacán, it is also planned to develop a small shopping center that houses eight internationally renowned brands so that those attending a concert can buy before or after the event.

About Parque Las Riberas

On the banks of the Humaya River is the Parque Las Riberas, which this year will begin the second stage of its recovery project thanks to an investment of 200 million pesos.

This year, this important culichi green area will be provided with four kilometers of cycle paths and running tracks, as well as a children’s play area and public lighting, in addition to providing care to its gardens.


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