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Basic about COVID-19 | India’s Fight against COVID-19

Posted on 21 abril, 2020

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We all know about how the COVID-19 is shaping the future, and it seems very bleak. The Virus has reinforced adopting a much cleaner lifestyle. It has made this busy world to shut behind their doors. The Virus is known to survive for a considerable period, and we shall take a look at some of the vital data about this ravaging disease

The Corona Virus is caused due to the extreme levels of cold and senior respiratory infections in the human body. The recent information about this disease was given by the World Health Organization, and it has been declared to be a pandemic.

The dreadful consequences of the virus

Some of the doctors have openly stated that the aftermath of this infection is deadly and heinous than any disease. It is known to cause a painful death, especially for people who are old.

Symptoms include Fever, dry cough, loss of senses such as smell and taste. The Mild symptoms will last around for a week, and the condition worsens gradually. There will be pertaining pain in the chest, and the lips will also turn blue if the disease reaches its last stage. For any Inquiry Related to COVID-19 Just Visit our Clinic In Velachery or Read our page on Best pulmonologist clinic in chennai

Nearly four strains of the disease have been noted, and scientists are finding it tough to tackle the menace

Still, no proper cure has been found even by top physicians. Only Cuba seems to offer a solution, and they have deployed their doctors to serve in the worst affected areas such as Italy.

India’s Fight against COVID-19

Compared to other countries, India’s measures to fight off this dangerous disease have been really commendable. Even WHO has declared our nation’s methods to be unique and effective. Without any other alternative to be implemented, Indian PM Narendra Modi has ordered a 21-day lockdown in the nation.

Dealing with a deadly pandemic is not new to India as they’ve had successfully eradicated both smallpox and polio in the past. But the real test for the secular is curbing away community transmission to any means possible. The whole nation has been placed in curfew with numerous restrictions.


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