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Real estate agent: how to make yourself known?

Posted on 26 mayo, 2021

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Making yourself known to sellers as a Warangal real estate agent is essential . The sustainability of its activity depends on it. Because a professional who does not make himself known cannot attract the attention of prospects, nor convert them into clients, nor take mandates.


However, an owner who wants to sell his home rarely contacts a real estate agency by accident: this gesture is the result of a long process. What we see is a man or a woman pushing the door of a room; what you need to see is a prospect whose decision stems from the communication and marketing actions put in place by the agency , over the long term. With, at the beginning, a work on notoriety.

So, how to make yourself known as a Hyderabad real estate agent (and as a real estate agency / brand) in a very competitive sector, and thus take on mandates?

1. Make yourself known as a real estate agent by communicating as much as possible

Communication is the key to notoriety. If you don’t communicate, you can’t complain that sales prospects don’t contact you… just because they don’t know you! You must therefore use all the tools at your disposal, and immediately create those that you still lack:

The physical communication media such as business cards, brochures and catalogs, but also put up advertisements in the neighborhood or a magazine to highlight your most prominent property.

The communication of digital media , such as a web real estate agency website, a blog that publish articles of interest to your audience, emails, or accounts on social networks.
These communication media must be visually consistent with your real estate agency and your brand: clearly visible logo, colors from your graphic charter, negotiators mentioned by name, etc. In short, you need to make these media instantly recognizable as an offshoot of your real estate agency.

2. Prospect as often as possible

Making yourself known as a real estate agent allows you to generate contacts, in order to make appointments and get mandates. A good way to kill two birds with one stone is to organize regular prospecting sessions : it is a way of being present on the ground and of crossing your neighborhood up and down to make yourself known, then recognize inhabitants.

Moreover, it is not only a question of prospecting, but more prosaically of being seen in its catchment area . Show that you know the neighborhood, possibly that you live there and that you participate in local life. Remember to always carry a few business cards with you to distribute to people you meet, even as part of a Sunday walk or a visit to the market: sales and purchase projects are not suspended during the week -end!

3. Take care of the presentation of your real estate agency window

The importance of the physical storefront is not waning, despite the boom in digital media. A real estate agency benefits from having a room where negotiators carry out their daily tasks and where it is possible to welcome the public. It also benefits from enhancing its storefront – which is the first thing people see about the agency when they walk past.

A window allows you to display the properties in the catalog , to attract the attention of passers-by (buyers, of course, but also sellers who are interested in your way of promoting the homes entrusted to you), to communicate with of your targets using relevant messages. It also helps to strengthen your brand image , depending on its layout and the media it highlights – for example, electronic window cards instead of paper posters give your real estate agency an innovative image , in phase with the expectations of the most “connected” prospects.

Then everything is played out inside the agency . Attractive premises, punctuated with personal decorative touches, equipped with a space dedicated to welcoming customers and all the necessary comforts, can make all the difference for prospects who value decorum. And then, quite simply, it is a more pleasant working environment for the real estate agent!

4. Work on your positioning at the local level

A real estate agency is a local business ; a real estate agent is a local trader . To make yourself known, it is therefore essential to work on your local positioning , that is to say to launch communication and marketing actions that highlight the agency’s integration into its neighborhood.

There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Prioritize prospecting in your geographic area ;
  • Organize local events (open doors in a home for sale, discovery of the real estate
  • agency for the benefit of prospects and clients, etc.);
  • Support (and participate in) events organized by the city and by local associations;
  • Sponsor municipal events (eg sports competitions or cultural events);
  • Launch a magazine to showcase the neighborhood merchants;
  • Work on the local SEO of your website;
  • Create a Facebook group ;Etc.

Discover the levers to strengthen your local anchoring as a real estate agent in this article . And do not forget one thing: it is at the local level that the mandates are to be found!

5. Promote the successes of your real estate agency

Making yourself known as a real estate agent also means showing what you are capable of doing and enhancing the quality of your services – especially for the benefit of current and future sellers. A good way to do this is to highlight the recent successes of your real estate agency, based on two pillars:

Transactions completed . Have you just sold a house or an apartment for sale in hyderabad? Don’t forget to place a “Sold by Agency X” sign prominently so that passers-by can see it. This panel can be extended by a “customer case” or a testimonial published on your blog or on your social networks, detailing the promotion methods and the time elapsed between the signing of the mandate and the signing of the sales agreement.

Customer satisfaction . Is your client very happy with your intervention? Let it be known! Ask them to write a comment that you can post on your digital media and / or give you a rating on your Google My Business page: this will make you known and will make sellers want to trust you. To learn more about the importance of customer reviews, it’s on this page .

6. Create a strong brand

Making yourself known as a real estate agent, as we have said, also means making your real estate agency known – and therefore your brand . This supposes being able to count on a strong real estate brand , easily identifiable by prospects, and capable of immediately conveying values ​​that speak to your audiences.

To do this, you must start by defining your added value, which sets you apart from the competition; then work on your reputation locally; tell the story of your real estate agency; and showcasing the team – getting the public to know every real estate agent and every negotiator, so as to humanize the brand.

Also remember to register your real estate brand: it would be a shame if, with success, a third party ended up “borrowing” your name for their benefit …

It is essential to make yourself known as a real estate agent, and to be effectively recognized by prospects in your sector. This is the key to taking on mandates, developing your activity, and sustaining your real estate business. And that goes through a number of communication and marketing actions!


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