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How to Print Checks Using Quicken.Com

Posted on 20 febrero, 2020

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Are you looking for guidance on how print checks from Well, printing checks from quicken can save your time. The feature allows users to write and quicken print checks, avoiding all critical errors. This service minimizes the chances of mistake and also save your time. Hence, in this blog, you are going to read about the guidance on- how to print checks from quicken.

However, sometimes this feature fails to perform its best. Therefore, we have also mentioned some troubleshooting steps, so that you can resolve if you face any. If there is any technical issue in your quicken then you won’t be able to use this feature. In such a case you can quicken customer service to get immediate help.

Quick Guide to Print Checks from in Widows

  1. Press Ctrl + W in your keyboard
  2. Select the name of your account at top of Write Check area
  3. Enter Payee Name
  4. Now enter the Amount
  5. Enter the Address (optional)
  6. Click on Split
  7. Select the category
  8. In Memo Field enter Additional Information
  9. Enter Account Number in Message field
  10. When Message field in unavailable:
  • Go to Edit menu,
  • Select Preference
  • Click on Write Checks
  • Choose Allow Entry of Extra Message on Check option
  • now click OK
  1. Click Right Check for saving the check

Now you are done with Print check in quicken. Hence, you need to give command now to print the checks, for this see below.

Print Your Quicken Checks

  1. Go to Write Checks window
  2. Click on Print
  3. Put your checks in printer
  4. Look at the First Check Number Box
  5. Ensure that the number matches with first check number
  6. If you want to print any multiple checks, then select any one of the options from the below-given options:
  • All Checks: With this option, you can print all the checks even those that are pending
  • Checks Dated Through: The option allows you to print the checks till a particular date.
  • Selected Checks: Through this option, you can only print the checks that you have selected. Therefore click and choose the checks that you want to print.
  1. Make sure that Check Style is correct:
  • Standard Checks: Measurement- 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.
  • Voucher: it has one check with 2 vouchers for sheet-fed printers and the check with one voucher for continuous feed printing.
  • Wallet: Measurement- 6 x 2 5/6 inch
  1. If you want to change the printing options:
  • Checks on First Page: Choose this option if you want to print the partial page of standard or wallet checks on your page-oriented printer.
  • Print Your Logo: Use this option if you want to print your checks with logo
  • Additional copies: This option will allow you to print up to 3 additional copies in case of a printing voucher.
  1. Now click Ok and start printing.
  2. Select Print First, if you want to print only first check
  3. When prompted “Did Checks Print Ok?” choose OK.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can print your check from very easily. Once you get comfortable with the steps and learn how to print the check then you won’t face any issue.

Troubleshoot Issues:

At a time when printing Quicken checks you may face some issue. As a result, quicken will deny from printing the checks that you need urgently. This feature in quicken allows you to Quicken  print checks without making any error and there saves your time. But if your quicken catches any technical issue then you won’t be able to use such a feature. In such a case, you can contact the experts to get quicken customer service. The service will solve your check print-related issue fast and you will get connected with the trained experts.


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