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Echolink-The Perfect Combat to Fake Diplomas & Degrees

Posted on 12 noviembre, 2019

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Fake diplomas and degrees have become a trend these days. Performing a simple Google search for ‘fake college diplomas’ would list out dozens of websites that sell such forged documents. People have started to buy these documents and apply for jobs.

Since the majority of employers never perform a background check on the applicant’s education history, such fake college diplomas have helped many people secure the job of their dreams. However, since these applicants never went to college, they don’t actually have the required expertise to perform in their job.

In fact, this has become one of the major concerns for an employer as many of the workers don’t have the required technical skills. That’s why employers, especially in big corporate organizations, have started to perform a background check on every employee’s education details.

While there are many ways to do this, using Echolink has become the most common tool to verify applicants’ academic qualifications. Echolink is typically a silicon valley startup that has developed the perfect combat to fake diplomas & fake degrees.

The software, that uses blockchain at its core, is helping many employers, from mid-sized to well-established enterprises, verify the documents of an applicant. As a result, it is becoming easier for organizations to hire technically-skilled employees who have actually attended the college and have the required expertise to handle their job-role.

So, the real question is how does Echolink verify an applicant’s education details. Here’s what you should know.

Basically, Echolink allows institutions, colleges, universities to upload verified credentials of a student. The entire system is decentralized, which means that only specific individuals would be able to access the data. As a result, employers would be able to verify if the aspirant has actually attended the college or not.

As a result, people with fake college diplomas won’t be able to surpass the interview process. Echolink also allows employers to upload the details of their existing employees. So, whenever these employees would look for the next job, their new employers would easily verify their past job details as well.

Echolink is capable of storing grades, degrees, certificates, job credentials, etc. And, since the tool is being backed up by technology like Blockchain, employers can trust the information being completely genuine.

No individual can add fake information to the database. While Echolink is a relatively new solution, many organizations have already started to utilize it. As a result, they are able to hire the right candidate for a specific job role.

You can also adopt Echolink for your company and stay away from fraud job aspirants who have nothing but a fake college diploma. Not only Echolink will allow you to hire the best candidates, but it will also improve the overall business productivity.

Investing in a tool like Echolink will help your business in the long run too. You can hire employees that are most likely to stay with your organizations for a comparatively longer time period.


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