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how you can use plagiarism Checker for Educators and Students

Posted on 7 abril, 2021

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Plagiarism is one of the biggest taboos in the academic world. Students usually depend on a plagiarism checker tool online to confirm whether their paper has any plagiarism or not. The tool highlights the plagiarised portions in the essay, and you have to spend more time fixing those areas.


Many students depend on an essay editor to check their essays so that they can avoid plagiarism. But it’s not too hard to avoid it entirely as long as you keep these 3 points in mind.


  1. Paraphrase your work


When you’re including someone else’s ideas or thoughts in your essay, you should always paraphrase your words. There are many ways in which you can achieve this step. You can use synonyms instead of exact words, change the sentence structure and try to use your writing style to express the ideas. If it’s too difficult, you can even use an online paraphrasing tool to change the source’s writing style.


  1. Give proper citations


You must give credits to every source that you used in writing your essay. If you ignore this step, your professors will deem your work plagiarised and lower your grades. When you’re giving citations, there are many referencing styles that you can use, such as the Chicago style of referencing, the APA format, MLA format and the Harvard referencing. Stick to one kind throughout the paper. Otherwise, you’ll have to take the help of an essay editor an essay editor  to fix the errors.


  1. Give in-text citations


Sometimes in your essay, you will have to use words verbatim from the source. In such cases, don’t forget to put the words in quotations. Otherwise, it might look as if you’re trying to pass off those words as your own. Many students depend on an essay typer because they forget to provide these in-text citations and end up with plagiarised work. In-text citations do not have to be very detailed. As long as you include the author’s name and the title, you can give the details later.


Following these three simple tips will help you a lot when writing your essay. But if you’re still unsure, you can always take the help of a plagiarism checker to make sure that your paper is completely plagiarism-free. If you have a doubt in your assignment you might take assignment help services to clear your doubt.


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