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How to Start Editing Your Novel

19 mayo, 2021 in Sin categoría

That’s what this post is for. To walk you through the first steps of editing your work and getting it ready to share with friends, self-publish, or pass along to an editor or agent. If you are having trouble getting started writing a novel or essay, you can get essay help.


You’ve finished your story! Congratulations. That in and of itself is an accomplishment and you should be so proud. You deserve a bit of a break before moving on to editing.

Wait at least a week, if not a month or two before looking at your story again. Work on other projects, enjoy your other hobbies, spend some time outside. You’re letting your brain do some background work on the project and mull over details and characters while you’re doing other things.

When you come back to the story, you’ll feel refreshed and be able to see your story with fresh eyes.


You have to start somewhere, so start by giving yourself time for a reread. Don’t pressure yourself and try to fix every mistake you see right away. There will be time for that. Think like a reader and make notes of things as you come across them.

Keep a document or a journal page and fill it with notes on the big changes you want to contemplate and plan and scenes you want to add or move around. Edit grammar mistakes as you see them (don’t go in depth here), edit missing words or add in additional lines of grammar, and worry about the details later. Just pretty it up and take quick notes on additions and changes to reference later.


A second pair of eyes is invaluable, especially if you didn’t have a group of writing friends to bounce ideas back and forth with during the writing process.

Ask your friend to read it and be ready to give you feedback. You can ask them to pay attention to questions they have, inconsistencies they notice, unfinished plot lines, what their favorite scenes and characters are, their impressions on character relationships.

You can ask a writer friend or a non-writer friend, just as long as they’re someone who loves you and your writing will give you mostly unbiased opinions and observations.


Create an outline or use your original outline. Update it with the changes you’ve noted in your journal and add anything else you think is essential. Storyboard the scenes chapter by chapter so you can see what scenes go where, what scenes you need to move around, and which scenes you need to add.

A plan will also help you organize what needs to be changed in each chapter which makes the amount of work seem much less intimidating. You’ll be able to work piece by piece instead of seeing your fifty thousand or more words and being overwhelmed.


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