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New KickAss Torrents (KAT) ~ Best Torrent Sites 2020 (Working)

9 junio, 2021 in Sin categoría

Good news, the new website Kickass Torrents is back live.


Back in July 2017, the United States authorities shut down the famous BitTorrent platform Kickass Torrents (KAT cr) after the arrest of its creator Artem Vaulin.


After The Pirate Bay went offline the peer-to -peer file sharing site became the world’s largest piracy hub.


Now, shortly after the law enforcement shut down the original KAT domain, a group of devoted web staffers launched the website in hopes of getting the KickassTorrent download sites back to their former glory, early.


What is KickAss New Domain, Proxies and Mirrors?


A new torrent website has now been launched by Katcr. co team and looks similar to the original Kickass app. It hosts a large range of torrent files and magnet connections for torrent videos, tv shows, apps, games, and torrent songs.


With some of its initial employees and devoted uploaders the new Kickass Torrent site (https: / katcr. To /) is back live.


Here’s what the KAT cr squad said at the launching site:


“We have all our big uploaders on board, and they continued to post relentlessly even before the launch of the torrent engines. The torrent group will now expect to see uploads from all the names they love and trust.”


Elsewhere, Australian ISPs, including Pirate Bay and Isohunt, reportedly blocked access to 5 major torrent download websites.


Since the closure earlier this year of the original KickassTorrent forum, several mirror pages have sprung up online, pretending to be the actual reincarnation.


Below we have mentioned a few KickAss proxy sites:




Yet all of these Kisass proxies and mirrors at KickassTorrent have malicious copycats. These sites are trying to access personal information and passwords from people with credit cards.


The team behind the new KickassTorrent promises on its web site that the pirates are safe and stable.


“We wanted to restore and maintain only secure components and keep our participants healthy. Given the fact that a restoration took longer, our community’s well being comes first,” one of the team leaders told TorrentFreak.


The members of the KAT cr team also claim the original Kickass Torrents website operators can walk free of charge.


Best Torrent Sites Like The New KickAss Torrents


  • TorLock –
  • The Pirate Bay –
  • iDope –
  • 1337x –
  • Yify Torrent / YTS – 
  • ExtraTorrent –
  • LimeTorrents –
  • Zooqle –
  • Dirty Torrents –


Along with KAT cr, internet users have discovered some of the best alternatives to KickAssTorrent.


While we do not advocate any breach of copyright, here are some of the better solutions that people post on social media:


  1. The pirate bay


The PirateBay is among the best replacements to the KickAss Torrents. Yet other ISPs have banned it and its twin domains for copyright violations.


However, consumers often need the best-secure VPN service or a proxy to circumvent limitations on service providers to access the website.


The PirateBay is one of the popular search engines used worldwide for torrent. TPB includes pirated content in the form of apps, video, and music magnet connections.


  1. 1337x


The peer to peer file sharing site has long been around making it a reliable and prominent site. Like KickAssTorrent, 1337x provides a basic search bar with no complicated interface.


Torrent files and magnet connections can also be indexed by type. Or you can head the most leading torrents on the website to its Top 100 list.


  1. TorLock


TorLock is one of the best torrenting sites allowing users to download torrent files and magnet links of high quality.


Torlock is a popular website selling music, games, apps, the new TV shows and free videos.


Torlock is committed to listing only 100 per cent checked torrents with “No Fakes Torrent Page” as the official slogan. The platform also invites users to locate bogus torrents and get a $ 1 offset for any discovery.


  1. Yify Torrent / YTS


Often known as the YTS torrent server, this tool is yet another great alternative to KickAss Torrents. I’m sure all the film lovers are aware of YTS films. But for streaming YIFY videos this isn’t the original YIFY torrent website.


The initial platform went dark after their chief in New Zealand Jurisprudence pleaded guilty. is a perfect alternative to the original website. But you need to look out for other bogus torrent pages that advertise themselves as YTS.


  1. ExtraTorrent


Of others, ExtraTorrent is also an impressive alternative to KickAssTorrent.


ExtraTorrent has once been the most popular torrent sites and the best. But on May 17, 2017, the site disappeared, with a shutdown message on its web site. Now ExtraTorrent is making a comeback with a new domain.


Because the government keeps a close eye on the BitTorrent protocol, users prefer Kickass proxy sites to hide IP address and KickAss access in front of their torrent clients.


But you should remember that there is no legal way to stream movies which are already in theaters for free.


You should seek legal means of viewing high quality films online. Here’s a separate article we’ve listed top free movie streaming sites that provides a pretty decent set of videos and even learning how to access files and apps using uTorrent.


What are Profile Creation Sites?

14 mayo, 2020 in Sin categoría

Profile creation is a method of building backlinks for a website that is linked to the key links and these links contribute to supporting the website of users or blogs in multiple social media networks such as Web 2.0, popular community websites and websites. This is a technique used to create a unique username in social sites such as Twitter aimed at improving one’s business.


Importance of profile submission sites


In the event that you own a company and fail to have an account with social media rivals, this workaround can benefit. This will lead to detrimental market marketing because envious rivals will take advantage of this which may lead to the company being de-promoted. There are various prevalent websites that provide a special profile formation username and aid in achieving more profile views in google search engine. Google search lets you promote your market.


Bearing cybersquatting in mind Luxury brands rarely miss a chance on these websites to safeguard their company reputation.


Benefits of Profile Submission Websites


1) Top Rankings


These days it is imperative to build accounts with the specific name on various social networks, which in turn will mark the successful presence on social media aimed at a better ranking of the website. Google+1 social signals, tweets, Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook likes and shares help you gain better website rankings. Therefore the creation and management of a website with a specific username allows it to gain greater visibility.


2) Brand Enhancement


Creation of accounts at various social media sites helps to boost business growth. Daily brand and company blog posts keep the business growing and the followers updated with the latest content.


3) Increased Communication


If more visitors are routed to your website via the backlinks offered on social media sites, this will offer a strong networking channel for various users. Special deals are available through the redemption and discount facilities that on these websites are listed.


4) Simple Login Creation Process


Bloggers aim to use the Profile Creation Sites because it is deemed the simplest and most effective way of creating ties. It includes building an identity by integration of all company knowledge with it in different media networks.


5) Improved Traffic


Social networking accounts play a crucial role in raising the amount of times your customers see your industrial updates and in effect increase your website’s traffic.


How to create high pr profile creation sites


Step 1: If the first two are not available, sign up for Google or Facebook, or an Email address.


Step 2: Give information of the organization, then enter the Official Website URL.


Step 3: Provide, where any, images.


Step 4: Your Profile Site connection is now ready for any common person and is available.


How to Use free profile creation sites list


  • Login first to your websites for profile formation and pick segment for editing profiles.
  • Fill in all information, such as name, location, definition, links to social media and add a location to your profile. Click Save icon.
  • You must get an acknowledgment mail to your email address from which users need to validate their account.
  • Now your profile is conveniently built and ready to use, without any hassle.


Top 20 Manual updated Do follow profile creation site list for SEO



Top 5 Free Torrent Alternatives to The Pirate Bay

22 abril, 2020 in Sin categoría

Whether you side with the anti-piracy brigade or the “free movies for everyone” brigade is irrelevant. Yes, Torrent sites promote the unauthorized exchange of files, but you can also find sources of lawful torrents to access legitimate content free of copyrights.

The Pirate Bay Proxy used to be the top piracy site in the world but a series of court battles means that the site is just a shell of its former self.

If you find online torrents to be any of the best alternatives to The Pirate Bay, keep reading.

Downloading Torrents: A Warning


MakeUseOf does not allow the use of torrents to unlawfully access content. The use of such forums for illicit activities is completely at your own risk. MakeUseOf acknowledges no responsibility for any legal issues you might find.

It’s illegal to share torrents of copyright-protected videos, sports, TV shows and songs in virtually every country in the world because you don’t actually own the content legally. To do so is the misuse of intellectual property. Using torrents for unauthorized downloading will place you at risk of losing your internet access, having a summons, or even being sentenced to jail.


  1. RARBG

RARBG has become one of the best known brands in the torrenting region. The website focuses on high quality video launches and features a huge array of content.

Thanks to its “Top 10” lists spanning a range of categories, RARBG also provides a simple and efficient way to discover new data.

The success of the site has resulted in it becoming one of the web’s most-visited domains. It ranks regularly in the top 350 on Alexa.



1337x is one of the most well-designed alternatives to The Pirate Bay; with the button at the bottom of the screen you can quickly browse the various forms of torrent files.

The platform has faced many court fights. It hasn’t been available in Google Search results since Feelgood Entertainment’s 2015 submission. Nonetheless, it is also searchable by search engines such as DuckDuckGo, which rely on anonymity. has developed a reputation for having links to hidden torrents, which are hard to locate.


  1. YTS.AM

The YIFY group (also known as YTS), was a community devoted to releasing famous movie torrents. The videos had a reputation for being high quality and minimal file sizes.

Probably unsurprisingly, the party was shut down in 2015 by legal action by the Motion Picture Association of America. YTS.AM is the YIFY group’s revival, and is generally considered its eventual heir.


  1. TorLock

Torlock is yet another perfect alternative to Pirate BayAny of the most popular torrent apps are available via the web. Much of the index was created during a period when users were paid $1 for every false connection they reported— although we can’t see any evidence indicating the deal is still in place.

Torlock also appears to be implementing a stringent privacy policy. The developers are not logging any of your acts and they are not following you across the site. Needless to say the same for other torrent sharing pages.

Finally, it seems as if Torlock is one of the only online torrent sites that worries about legality. It promises to respond within three days to all DCMA removal notices.


  1. KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents is not the location it was once. It’s a far cry from the time The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents duked it out as the web’s number one torrent site. KickassTorrents was also the most popular torrent platform in the world in 2014.

The downfall of the site started in 2016 after the domain was confiscated by US authorities but it has since risen from the ashes.

While the torrent file library in the index of the site has shrunk from its height, KickassTorrents remains a secure website that is easy to browse and access the files you require.