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Interesting Research Paper Topics: 25 Freshest Ideas for You

26 junio, 2021 in Sin categoría

Looking for an interesting research paper topic to sink your teeth into? Be careful! 25 freshest research paper topic ideas are coming to you at a fast pace. Do not miss this opportunity to choose an interesting research paper topic that perfectly fits your needs and interests.

Interesting research paper topics: movies

  1. How strong is the visual impact of a 3D movie on the audience? Can the re-release of Titanic in 3D format be successful?
  2. Does the theme of racism in the movie Avatar convey a negative message about natives as victims unable to protect themselves or a positive message about two races coming together and fighting the bad guys?
  3. Is it lawful to use free labor for movie production in Hollywood? Was the unpaid internship during the production of the movie Black Swan a kind of education or exploitation (see the lawsuit)?
  4. The philosophical messages of depicting animals as sentient beings taking the place of humans in The Lion King.
  5. Margaret Thatcher in the 2011 movie The Iron Lady: a leader saving Britain from collapse or a heartless champion?

Interesting research paper topics: gadgets

  1. Can Playstation devices improve children’s levels of physical activity by requiring them to complete a set of exercises before starting each game?
  2. Can texting with friends online count as reading for present day kids?
  3. The Magic Message Mirror alarm system: an entertainment tool or a powerful security device?
  4. Early computer literacy: a blessing or a curse for today’s youth?
  5. What digital devices can and should be used in the classroom to enhance students’ achievement?

Interesting research paper topics: music

  1. The philosophy of Bruce Baugh: defending the aesthetic value of popular music.
  2. Does Lady Gaga’s extravagant identity contribute to the popularity of her music?
  3. What makes Madonna an icon of her generation: dancing and high-tech special effects in music videos vs. music, voice and lyrics.
  4. The main themes of the songs of Bruno>
  5. Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and his enormous popularity.

Interesting research paper topics: Internet

  1. The main hazards of Internet piracy.
  2. Do we need censorship on the Internet or only filters for kids and adolescents?
  3. The net neutrality debate: can Internet service providers rank consumers on the basis of the web sites they visit?
  4. Should online gambling be banned?
  5. The main pros and cons of e-commerce.

Interesting research paper topics: social networks

  1. The impact of the rise of social networking on business strategies.
  2. The impact of social networks on people’s choice and perception of news.
  3. Should Facebook censor obscene content?
  4. The role of Twitter in Iran elections.
  5. Positive and negative impact of social networks on the psychological wellbeing of kids.

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