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Ultimate guide on understanding and writing Cause and Effect essay

5 noviembre, 2020 in Sin categoría

Essay writing is a genre of writing that encourages students to express their thoughts significantly. It encourages students to research various topics and presents their thoughts in the form of an organized essay. There are different types of essay writing. Each type has a great unique importance in academic institutes.


  • What is a cause and effect essay?

Cause and effect essay is one of the major types of essay writing. It urges students to do research on several issues and highlight them before their targeted audiences. It demands an essay writer to look at the causes (reasons) of something, and then highlight its effects (results). It is also referred to as reasons and results. 


  • How to write a cause and effect essay?

It is imperative to mention here that a teacher may ask his students to mention the causes only of something. Similarly, a teacher can also ask to examine the causes only. Writing this particular essay becomes hard as well as a tough task for some students. It happens because they don’t know the primary purpose and method of writing a cause and effect essay. Undoubtedly, even an essay writing service cautiously clings to the predefined rules to structure a condition and legitimate outcomes essay.

Students have to understand the fact that writing involves no rocket science. Similarly, writing a cause and effect essay is also easy. All it demands from a writer is to follow some essential rules that are as follows.

  1. Firstly, a student has to define the topic clearly and concisely.
  2. Open the essay with a powerful hook statement.
  3. Write a robust and intriguing thesis statement.
  4. Understand the basic structure for writing an essay.
  5. Explain the thesis statement in the section of the “Main Body.”
  6. Ensure smooth transitions in different paragraphs.
  7. Conclude the topic significantly.

Now let us discuss all the points mentioned above one by one to write a remarkable “Cause and Effect” essay.


  • Definition

It is the utmost responsibility of a student to define the assigned topic concisely. For instance, if the topic is “what are the causes and effects of global warming”, a student has to define global warming to its readers.


  • Hook Statement

A student can mention amazing facts or figures that clearly show the effects of global warming, in particular, are or in the world. A surprisingly amazing number or fact will raise a curiosity in the reader’s mind. Consequently, he will take an interest in reading the article.


  • Thesis statement

If a student is writing about the reasons and results of global warming, he must put down the primary reason and its effect on the environment. This sentence will be a thesis statement of the topic. A student must also know that a thesis statement is the backbone of writing an exemplification essay. The whole content of the essay revolves around this statement.


  • Main Body

In this section of the narrative essay, a student gets the freedom to explicate the thesis statement in detail. He has to illustrate the central theme of the topic and connects each fact with one another. A new fact should be mentioned in a separate paragraph. A writer has the option of presenting different facts at once, and then after mentioning those facts, explain those ideas in different paragraphs one by one.

The second option is that a writer may mention one fact and then explain it there and then. Both methods are correct to opt for.


  • Conclusion

Last but not least, the section of essay writing is the conclusion. In Cause and Effect essay writing, a student must conclude the topic precisely. While concluding the essay, a writer should not mention a new idea or fact. In addition, a scribbler is not allowed to suggest or recommend something. The utmost responsibility of a student is, to sum up, the whole discussion in this section. It also demands a writer to restate the thesis statement while writing the final remarks.


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