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Biometric Security Systems – How They Work

Posted on 22 junio, 2022

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Biometric security systems use physical characteristics of the user allowing or deny access. Some examples of characteristics which are used are the iris of the eye, fingerprints, voice, or even odor.

Because these characteristics are unique to every person it’s very burdensome for someone who is not authorized to again access. This is the reason biometric access control is now increasingly popular in businesses that have highly sensitive information or financial assets.

Identification is conducted by comparing physical characteristics in 1 of 2 ways. The first, requires that the user enter an identification number or pin code. Once the code is entered, the device then compares the biometric characteristics on apply for that pin number. If you have a match, the device allows access and obviously a mismatch results in a denial. Thunder Protection Price in Bangladesh

The 2nd way that a biometric security system verifies a person’s identity would be to compare the physical characteristics of the person requesting access to a variety within the database. If the characteristics fall within that range then access is allowed. This sort of identification system uses a true biometrics verification process as no pin number or other type of identification is used.

Enrollment into the device occurs initially the user tries to gain access. The machine uses this first-time access to acquire all the data concerning the user’s physical characteristics. When subsequent attempts are created to access the device it compares the first scan to the one currently being performed.


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