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Engaging Essay Writing Topics for Students – 2021 Guide

Posted on 23 abril, 2021

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Debates are an important part of academic life. It is also a type of college essay. Students get to write debates on different topics at different educational levels. Debates tend to sharpen the analytical skills, research skills, and brainstorming skills of a person. 

Debates can be used for different purposes. It might be done to convince a group of people or to make an analysis of something. No matter what reason you have for using a debate, having debates in your surroundings is a sure way to get your audience thinking and talking.

To write an essay, students usually hire a professional essay writing service rather than doing it themselves. 

For a debate, it is essential to be attractive and strong enough to convince the audience. A debate can be made strong by focusing only on one element that is a good topic. A good topic will make your overall debate useful and make the writing process easy for you. 

You may require to research topics before debating them to put forward your point of view. In case otherwise, you may also seek help from an online essay writer in this regard. 

We have also summed up some amazing and interesting debate topics for you.  

Science and Technology Debate Topics

  1. Human cloning should be banned at once. 
  2. Governments should subsidize all renewable forms of energy. 
  3. The U.S. government should fund a space mission to Mars as soon as possible.
  4. Should social media comments be protected by higher political authorities? 
  5. Should parents be allowed to choose their baby’s gender?
  6. Should animal testing be banned all across the world?
  7. Should the U.S. government provide free internet at all public places? 
  8. Are some video games too violent for children?
  9. Should the manufacturing of write essay for me be permitted?
  10. Scans of an unborn baby should be limited. 
  11. Every teenager must know how to perform CPR.

Laws and Politics Debate Topics

  1. Is it appropriate that the government restrict the freedom of speech for a layman?
  2. Is democracy the best form of government in today’s era?
  3. Should citizens who do not vote be heavily fined?
  4. Citizens should be allowed to carry a weapon for self-defense but under proper laws and licenses. 
  5. Should the legal age for voting, driving, and drinking be decreased or raised?
  6. Should a border fence be constructed between the borders of the U.S. and Mexico?
  7. Should America continue to give foreign aid to other countries?
  8. Should affirmative action be brought to an end?
  9. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  10. Should microaggressions be punishable by law?
  11. The cruel behavior with animals should be considered a serious crime. 

Social Justice Debate Topics

  1. Abortion should not be an option until it’s a medical emergency. 
  2. Should both parents be required to attend parenting classes before their child is born?
  3. Vaccinations for infants should be free all across the US. 
  4. Should mixed martial arts be banned?
  5. Cybersecurity should entertain cases of fake accounts on social media. 
  6. Should people be fined for not recycling and paper writing service?
  7. A frequent rise in tax rates is not justifiable?
  8. Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports?
  9. Should marijuana use be considered a crime?
  10. The availability of CBD oils should be restricted. 
  11. Transgenders should be recognized and accepted as a part of our society. 

Educational Debate Topics

  1. Homework can cause stress and anxiety to the students so it should be banned.
  2. School uniforms should not be a compulsion.
  3. Is year-round education is a good idea?
  4. Should all students be required to perform community service programs?
  5. Should schools block YouTube and other online learning platforms?
  6. Should students be able to leave school boundaries for lunch?
  7. Students should be allowed to pray publically in schools?
  8. Should high-stakes state testing be abolished?
  9. Poetry units are unnecessary and should be removed from the curriculum.
  10. Students should not be required to pass algebra to graduate.
  11. Should students be graded on the basis of their handwriting?

Easy Debate Topics

  1. Should libraries have a list of books that are banned?
  2. Curfews are effective in terms of keeping teens away from troubles?
  3. Is the boarding school system beneficial to children?
  4. Should school attendance be made compulsory in university?
  5. Age does not matter when you fall in love. 
  6. Is it ethical for companies to market their products to children?
  7. Is co-education a good idea in high school?
  8. Should gay marriages be legalized?
  9. Security cameras are an invasion of our privacy.
  10. Are humans too dependent on computers?
  11. Animal dissections and experiments should be banned in schools.

Hopefully, you have read all the topics carefully. Select the ones you think you can write on. Conduct a short session of research on all the topics you have selected. Researching will help you to decide which topic has more scope and is also easy to write a debate on it. 

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There are so many legit and good writing services that can provide you with amazing debates. Not just debates but they can also help you with your other essay writing assignments. Since essay writing assignments are time-consuming, it is not possible for students to complete all the assignments on time. 

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