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Case Study Writing

The case is an independent written form in which the student aims to find a solution to a specific problem by applying in practice their knowledge of the discipline. The development of a case is quite complicated because it requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and Buy Essay Online .

Gradually, case studies are entering the teaching and assessment of knowledge in a number of colleges and universities. They are very popular as a form of testing at the New Bulgarian University, University of National and World Economy, Dimitar Tsenov Academy of Economics, International Business School and others.

Due to its analytical and applied nature, the case is used by teachers to assess not only the theoretical knowledge of students in a discipline but also their ability to form logical conclusions; the ability to propose and argue alternative and non-traditional solutions to specific problems; to seek and apply new, non-traditional approaches and strategies for analysis of a specific problem; to search for and apply up-to-date data in the analysis, etc.

The elaboration of each case passes before the obligatory preliminary stage of comprehending the essence of the task and selection and systematization of the scientific literature, current data, statistics, court decisions, etc., which are related to finding an adequate solution to the case. What follows is a stage of analysis and formulation of alternative solutions to the set case. In which theory and practice should be intertwined into a complete text.

Structurally , the case contains the following elements:

  • Introduction – a brief reference to the problem under consideration and the theoretical formulation of its solution.
  • Solution – a detailed analysis of the problem posed in the case and finding a solution by applying theoretical knowledge in practice.
  • Conclusion – a brief summary of the main conclusions and recommendations.
  • References – a list of all sources used to find a solution to the case.

The layout and technical parameters vary. Each teacher has different standards for the font, size and margins of the text, for the number and numbering of pages, for the way of quoting in the text, etc.


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