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Best Wireless Headphones That You Can Buy in 2020

Wireless headphones are the most popular headphones and gaining more popularity over the past years. Some of the most popular headphones that you can buy it right now are:

Sony WH-1000XM3

It is one of the best and most popular headphones, which is known for its overall performance. You can compare these headphones in terms of the bass heads, sound quality, and active noise cancellation.

Even this headphone offers a great battery life with the excellent 30 hours battery life in a single charge. Additionally, the 10-minute of charging can run this headphone for at least 5 hours. But you can’t use it while charging this headphone.


  • Offers great comfort
  • Better battery life
  • Excellent voice cancellation


  • Can’t hear while charging

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

It is one of the best pairs of headphones that you can buy. It is one of the headphones that offer better quality sound from the headphone. It is one of the best headphones when you see it on the grounds of comfort. Impressively, this headphone offers a 24-hours battery on the single charge. You can charge it with the Micro-USB cable, which is quite good.


  • Overall sound quality
  • Better battery life
  • Excellent comfort


  • Micro-USB charging

Tribit XFree Tune

If you are searching for decent and budget headphones. This headphone can give you 40-hours of non-stop usage, which is the best deal to bet. It has decent sound quality with the perfect balance of the treble and bass.

When you see it on the grounds of comfort, then XFree Tune is an excellent option. The users are always saying that they can hear it for a longer duration without any issue.


  • Longer battery life
  • Treble-heavy and better sound
  • Offers great comfort


  • Micro-USB for charging

Anker SoundBuds Slim

If you want any wireless headphones at an incredibly low price, then you can go for it. It has the IPX7 certification, which means it is water resistant. But you can’t swim while wearing them. It offers 10 hours of battery life in a single charge and can be charged with the Micro-USB cable.

Sound quality is pretty decent, and the products lack in the bass. But you can’t feel this issue while hearing music. Fortunately, it offers great comfort. It is lightweight and you can wear it for a long period.


  • IPX7 water-resistant ability
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • Decent battery life


  • Presence of Micro-USB cable for charging
  • Sharp Treble

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3

Sennheiser is known for offering stellar sound quality products. It includes the signature sound quality. Slightly boosted bass produce pretty good sound. It has the Active voice cancellation, which is quite closer to the Sony WH-1000XM3.

It has the ambient sound mode that allows you to hear the surrounding voice without taking off your headphones. It offers 17 hours of battery life with the ANC. If you disable ANC, then you can use it for 20+ hours. You can charge it with the USB-C port, but it can’t support fast charging.

There is no question on its comfort part, and you can wear it for a long time. The material used to make this headphone makes it super-soft and offers a great level of comfort.


  • Great ANC performance
  • Perfect sound quality
  • USB-C charging cable


  • Chance of improvement in battery life
  • Sometimes Ear cups gets uncomfortable

Beats Solo Pro

It is a great combination of the quality sound and the portability. It proves a great option, especially when you want to hear what is going around you.

Beats is known for offering a bass-heavy sound, and Solo Pro is the perfect example of their masterpiece. Solo Pro has excellent sound quality with 22 hours of battery life with enabled Active noise cancellation. If you disable this feature, then you can use it for more than 40 hours.

It offers a great level of comfort. You can adjust it according to your comfort. It is a perfect product for those who have bigger heads. But sometimes, it can cause major discomfort, especially when you will use it for a longer duration.


  • Good battery life
  • Sound quality
  • ANC performance
  • Great portability


  • Indicator for charging
  • Not a perfect ANC product
  • Larger heads

Jabra Elite 75t

It is one of the recently launched products with few downsides. They are too comfortable and come with different ear tip sizes. One of the greatest downsides of this buds is that it offers a maximum 7.5 hours battery life in a single charge. Another downside is you can’t use left bud alone because right bud is responsible for handling communication. There is no wireless charging feature, but sleeker design and better sound quality.


  • USB-C charging
  • Customizable and better sound
  • Excellent comfort


  • Lack of wireless charging
  • Light earbud doesn’t work independently

Bose QC30

If you are looking for a neckband, then Bose QC30 will be a perfect choice for you. They are very comfortable, and it stays firm and prevents them from falling from your neck.

Bose QX30 has an excellent and smooth sound even on the phone call. In terms of control, it is one of the best headphones. The major downside of the headphone is latency. You don’t mind this issue with this much features.


  • Media controls
  • Great comfort
  • Perfect call quality


  • Little Expensive
  • High latency

AirPods Pro

There is no doubt about Apple’s wireless AirPods. Even it is the most selling wireless buds in the market. The sound quality blows your mind completely. It has Active noise-cancellation (ANC) which adds an extra star on the AirPods Pro. You can compare it with the other wireless earphones present on the list.

It has a decent battery life with 4.5 hours continuous battery life with ANC enabled. It is one of the lightweight and comfortable wireless earbuds.


  • Better sound quality
  • Precise ANC performance
  • Offers great comfort
  • Wireless charging case


  • The shorter battery life of Buds

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Noise-cancelling 700 do an outstanding job in avoiding the extra noise in the surrounding. In terms of sound quality, Bose has done a tremendous job in improving the sound quality from the last release of Bose headphones.

There is a well-balanced sound quality that makes it better than headphones with active noise cancellation. Noise Cancelling 700 has some of the similar features like QC35 II. Both have 20 hours of battery life that supports Google Assistant and Alexa, which is good.

But don’t have the folding design, which is the downside of the Noise cancelling 700.


  • Better battery life
  • Support ANC
  • Supports voice assistant Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Offers great excellent comfort


  • More Expensive
  • Non-foldable design

JBL UA True Wireless Flash

JBL is known for offering perfect sound products. JBL UA has IPX7 certification, which means the headphone is water-resistant. Sound quality is smooth and balanced, which is extremely important for any headphone.

You will not face any issue while wearing it for a longer time. The earbuds feature a wing and bud combination which offers great comfort and fit. When it comes to battery life, then it passes with a great margin. You will get 5 hours of audio playback in a single charge.

But you won’t get the wireless charging, but with other features, you can ignore this situation.


  • Battery life
  • Comfort
  • Perfect sound
  • Water resistance


  • Micro-USB charging
  • Absence of Wireless charging case


There are three things that one should look at while buying any product, i.e. battery life, sound quality, and comfort. If any wireless audio earbuds don’t offer any of the items, then don’t purchase it.

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Now You Can Stream Search Party Season 3 From Anywhere

If you have watched previous seasons of the Search party between 2016 and 2017, then you must be waiting for its third installment. It is murder mystery/drama/ thriller/ comedy series. The third chapter of the show will be going to air on HBO, but the previous two were aired on TBS. The wait for the third chapter is over now as the series already hit the screen on June 25. The fans waited for the third chapter for around three years, so they need a refresher course of the series. Fortunately, HBO Max also offers both the previous two chapters of the show for their users, so that they can revise all the major twists and turns of the show.

The revision of the previous two episodes is really important because season 3 starts where season 2 ends. If you haven’t watched the previous two episodes, then go and watch, then jump to the third chapter. Season 3 starts from the biggest courtroom case ever seen in America. So, if you want to understand the story, watch the previous seasons too. Even the producers also announced the third season which is going to be aired on the later date.

Where To Watch Search Party Season 3?

All the seasons of the show, including the previous two, is not available to stream on HBO Max. If you are in the United States and want to stream this service, then you can watch it on HBO Max because it is the new streaming service, which is only available in the US. But it is estimated that in early 2021, this streaming platform will be going to offer their services in other countries. Still, if you want to stream the show from outside the US, there are several ways for doing that.

Watch Search Party Season 3 From Anywhere

There is no issue for the individuals who are living in the United States, as they can watch it by just signing in. But those who are not residing in the United States, then they might have to face more trouble in watching the show.

Luckily, some VPN applications allow you to set your locations virtually. The changing of your location can give you instant access to the official streaming service. It is an ideal option while travelling outside the country and don’t want to miss the shows for which you have paid.

It is an incredibly easy task to use VPN or virtual private number that might give you some additional benefits like a further layer of security while you are searching for something or watching something on the Web. There are hundreds of options that can be used, but for better performance, you should go for ExpressVPN. It gives better performance as it offers better speed, more security, and it is designed in such a way to use it easily. It also allows you to use the VPN on more operating systems than normal like Android, smart TV, Roku, game console, Fire TV Stick, and many more. Right now, ExpressVPN is offering a 49% discount and three months extra subscription with the annual subscription. You can also give it a try with their 30-days money-back guarantee.

Yes, it is a pretty good option, but it is expensive. You can also buy a subscription from other VPN providers that fulfils all your needs.

Watch Search Party Season 3 in the United States

As mentioned earlier, the show is streaming on HBO Max, which is a popular streaming service in the US. HBO Max has released all the episodes of the season on June 25, which means you can also watch it by just starting the free trial. Currently, the streaming platforms offer 7-days free trial to the users so that one can estimate the cost of the services offered by the HBO Max. The consumers need to pay $14.99 per month for enjoying the movies or shows on Hulu.

You can also watch most of the content of HBO Max on Hulu. You can sign-up for Hulu, and watch your favorite content on other devices like Android phones, iOS, tablets, and many more.

You can also sign-up for the HBO Max with the Hulu account, but you need to have Hulu’s account first. Then you can watch some HBO content on this platform. You have to pay $14.99 per month, which is similar to HBO’s subscription.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Review of an Affordable Flagship Smartphone

If you are aware of the current scenario of all the affordable smartphones in the market, then you know about the real players of affordable smartphones. But with the launch of the Galaxy S10 lite, Samsung is making its way in the affordable industry.

Details About Design Of S10 Lite

You might find that the design of the Galaxy S10 Lite slightly similar to the Note line-up that’s not a bad thing as they are using their own design. There is a 6.7-inches display with the Full-HD plus resolution. It is one of the longest smartphones in the list of the Samsung, in which single-handle operation is near to impossible.

If you are expecting the display quality as like S10 in S10 Lite, then you won’t get the same. But with the S10 Lite version, you will get the Quad HD resolution. After having the high-resolution screen, you won’t find any fault on the screen.

You will also get better visibility in the outdoor situation, which is the plus point for the S10 Lite. So, you can set the visibility of the phone’s display according to the outdoor location.

As like Note 10, you will get the punch-hole camera on the front of the Galaxy S10 Lite. Placement of the 32-Megapixel camera on this phone is a good decision by Samsung.

The Hardware section is quite unexpected as the volume and power keys are placed on the right side of the phone, which helps you to reach there easily. But there is a drawback that it doesn’t have the jack in this smartphone. You also love the in-display accurate fingerprint sensor, but it’s quite slow. Samsung has to work on it if they want to compete with competitors like OnePlus 7T.

Now, look at the back of the phone. You will notice that the back of the phone is slightly similar to the S20 series.

For Design S10, They Have Sacrificed Something

For keeping the cost and the weight low, Galaxy S10 Lite uses polycarbonate material. At first glance, you may think it has the glass back. The phone is quite good, but you don’t mind having a fingerprint sensor.

All About The Performance Of The Smartphone

As it is the Lite version, Samsung doesn’t sacrifice their internal specialization. The latest snapdragon chipset of the S10 Lite gives great performance. There is 2.84-Gigahertz that offers great power to your smartphone. Adreno 640 GPU is responsible for the best Graphics. With the 6GB or 8GB RAM, you might not face any issue in performing the multi-tasking activities and switching to the other games at the same time.

With the software update, Samsung has done an amazing job with optimization of their software that results in the smooth functioning of the phone. Even the combination of excellent hardware and the perfect software makes it a perfect affordable smartphone.

You will find a 4,500mAh battery in the S10 Lite that will help you to keep running your smartphone. Samsung is offering the 45W power to charge the smartphone. Battery life is quite good. You can use the phone for the full day on a single charge.

What is Good In The Software?

Samsung uses its experience to make the software for the S10 Lite. That means they are shipping the phone with the Android 10 and UI 2.0. If you buy this phone, then you will get an app drawer enabled feature by default, but you may face problems in switching for the home screen layout.

You will get all the important features of Samsung like edge screen shortcuts, lighting on the edges and many more. There is a default Bixby option on the power button. For using this feature, you have to double click on the power key.

Samsung is working for a long time in improving the long-term software update, and they send the security patches or updates to their devices as soon as possible. With their latest update, they have launched new features like the ability to edit AR emoji and another feature like the updated keyboard that offers multilingual keyboards and has the ability to search for the sticker and the emoji.

Recently, the S10 Lite has received a major update that brings the security update.

What About the Camera?

The S10 Lite is one of the best camera phones on the list of Samsung. The camera can shoot ultra-wide shots with the aperture of the f/2.0. You will appreciate the presence of the dedicated macro cameras, but it doesn’t justify replacing it with the telephoto lens.

The macro camera is known for taking the close-up shots, but the telephoto lens is known for making images that are quite far from you. One more issue found in the camera of the phone is that it doesn’t do well in the low-light. So, the camera of the phone works quite well for outdoor shooting.

The camera produces the typical outdoor Samsung signature-image. The saturated colors of the camera give a punchy look to the images, and HDR mode of the camera kicks the precise detail about the real picture. There is an issue with the zoom-in and Zoom-out feature of the camera. It is not a big deal, as it still makes it place in the list of the affordable camera phones.

If you compare the camera of this smartphone with the competitors, you might find that its camera is quite well as per the performance. OnePlus 7T is one of the biggest competitors of the Galaxy S10 Lite. The primary camera of the S10 Lite captures more detailed and the accurate image than another camera in this price bracket.

The videography from the S10 Lite is fine. The camera of the S10 Lite records the video at the 4K resolution and gives the range of the 30-frame per second. It is not a common feature. Here, the super steady features like OIS, with the resolution of the 1080-Pixel at 60 frames per seconds. If you think that field of view is broader, then you don’t need to be a worry as it captures that view. If you see the end-result, then you will feel like the video was shot with the gimble.

With the latest update as of March 2020, Samsung has added several new features to this camera. Due to this update, the picture and video quality have been further improved. There is further addition in the camera features like change in the shutter speed.


The company has set a price range of $650 in the US. But different shopping sites and retailers are offering several discounted options. If you take this phone from the Amazon, you will get a pair of Galaxy Buds.

More importantly, there is another option in 2020 for smartphone users, iPhone SE. AS Apple’s new smartphone is an old-school design and has excellent software, but it is quite costly. So, choose your smartphone accordingly.

If you are searching for an affordable smartphone which is a fast phone with several features, a reliable camera, and great battery life. You can buy this phone straight away from any shopping site. Galaxy S10 Lite offers all these features.

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You Can Buy These Best Audio Adapters for Your Galaxy S20

Now, Samsung is offering the audio adapters port with their smartphones. If you are not using any wireless headphones, then it will be a must-buy product to get better audio quality.

Choosing the best audio adapter can be a big issue, but here is a guide that can give you more flexibility than you ever think.

Acc Guys USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter

It is one of the best headphone adapters in this list that you can buy right now. It is not the smallest in the list, but it has the onboard audio chip that means you are going to get the best sound from this device. You can get this device from Amazon at $18.

JS AUX USB Type C to 3.5mm

It is the simple but truly effective adapter that is too flexible. The braided cord keeps the internal components safe, and they can handle the audio quality without any issue. You can buy it from Amazon at $13.

Mxcudu 2 in 1 USB C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

It is like a dongle that can give you both USB-C power and headphone port. Even there is a keychain attached with this product that makes it easier to carry. It is available on Amazon with the price tag of $13.

Akwor 2 in 1 USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

If you need an adapter that can allow you to use audio cable and power cable in two different directions, then you can check out this adapter from Akwor. It is a versatile product that is available on Amazon at $8.

LcueGuk 3-in-1 Type C to 3.5mm Audio Aux Jack Adapter

It is one of the adapters that have a longer audio extension cord in the box. You can use it as a small dongle or extend it as per your need. Amazon is offering this product at $12.

Conmdex USB Type C Headphone Jack Adapter

If you want an adapter with good design, then it will be ideal for you. It has a simple design, but the presence of a light makes it a good-looking product. When the light is on, it means it is working, which is a good added feature in any adapter. You can get this one from Amazon for $13.

Anker USB-C to Lightning Adapter

If you are the one who recently switched from the iPhone and want to use the Apple buds, then it will prove too helpful for you. Believe or not, Anker is offering a USB-C lightning adapter that can allow you to use your Apple buds. It is a costly product and can get it from Amazon at $30.

Yeebline 2 in 1 headphone jack adapter

You might not get a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it has split the USB-C port that allows you to use your headphones while you power. Its design is very cool, and the ring holder gives a better grip to hold this in your hand. Amazon is offering this product at $18.

MiiKare 3 in 1 USB C adapter

Most of the adapters in this list may give you an extra headphone port or USB-C port, but this product will give you both two-headphone port and extra USB-C plug. You can get this from Amazon at $20.

iMangoo USB C to Dual 3.5mm Audio Adapter

With this adapter, you can share your music with the dual 3.5mm adapter. It is like a headphone splitter that is available with the USB-C port with a headphones port and braided cord for durability. It is available on Amazon at $10.

Xivio USB C aux cable with spring

It is a unique product that only gives you a headphone port. You can extend the wire up to a meter with coiled spring cable. It has the best audio chip that allows you to hear the best sound when connected with your device. You can get this product from Amazon at just $7.

Samsung USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

It is the official dongle by Samsung, but it is a little pricey. The products work well with all Samsung’s smartphones. You can also check other official accessories of the Samsung that will give you a better experience. You can buy it at $15 from Samsung and Best Buy.


Choose any dongle or adapter and enjoy the music with the modern technological era. Now some flagship smartphones are not coming with the headphone ports, and there are chances that they will never come back. So, in that case, this adapter plays a crucial role in filling the gap between headphones and earphones. You can buy a wireless headset or buds, but some individuals don’t want to lose their wired earphones.

So, if you have wired earphones and want to connect it to the device that has no headphone jack, then you can get a good adapter to bridge this gap. In this list, Accguys USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter is the best product on this list. But you can choose any adapter from the list according to your need and budget.

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How to Share Hulu Account and Add Devices

Hulu is a demanding video streaming platform following Netflix and Amazon Prime. Various features make it among the top stop streaming services. One of the most favourite features of Hulu is the account sharing limit. You can share your account with an unlimited number of users, and they all can watch on Hulu at the same time. The popularity of Hulu keeps growing and its features are attracting the users more than anything.

In a short period of time, Hulu has earned a great number of viewers. Competition on streaming service is indeed huge, but Hulu is providing some remarkable features that are beneficial for users. Every streaming platform is providing sharing account service, so the sharing feature of Hulu is also great. If you want to share your account with your family and friends in your account so they can do it easily, but first, there are more things about Hulu that users should know.

How Many Devices Can Stream Simultaneously?

Now Hulu has the feature of Unlimited Screens that comes in $9.99 for a month. In the subscription, users will get Hulu + Live TV and unlimited share advantages too. Doesn’t matter on what time you are streaming and your network, you can easily stream any channel. Some specific channels have a limit of five screens, and these channels are Star Premium Channels, Cinemax Showtime, and HBO.

How to Share a Hulu Account?

Well, there is no particular procedure you need to follow to share the account. Simply, you just need to login to the account and password, and you’re good to go. The general profiles have the account setting option where they can see the last four-digit number from the payment method tab. In the kid’s skid’s tab, this option is not available to access.

How many profiles can be created?

In Hulu, up to six user profiles can be created. You can make kid profiles and general profiles. In the general profile, you will have everything in access, and there will be some restrictions in the kids.

How Many Devices Can Be Added to Hulu?

There is no limit to adding the devices; furthermore, you can use it anytime and in any device. You can also check up the devices that are using your account. These types of features are beneficial for the account user in terms of privacy and entertainment.

All the new content related to the movies and shows release on Hulu very soon. If you compare Hulu’s pricing from any other popular streaming service, then it doesn’t cost you much. The collection of content on Hulu is enormous. There is another account section of kids that only shows that content related to kids. If you want to share your account with your friends, then just move ahead and share with your family and friends, you can watch your favourite movies and shows.

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10 Best City Building Games for PC

Ever wondered how your metropolis would look like? If you enjoy analysing cities and structures, why not try city building games to keep you occupied. PC has witnessed a huge surge in games thanks to platforms like Steam who have catapulted many popular games into the PC platform. While city building games were limited to rigid boxes and low quality visuals, today’s city building games have evolved to have realistic visuals and the freedom to fine tune your city to the minutest details. Here are some city building games for your PC

  • Tropico 6

The popular city building game’s sixth edition allows you to play the narrative of a president ruling a bunch of islands simultaneously. While building a city from scratch, the game allows you take charge of not only supply and demand of various needs, the game also makes for a decision based strategy game which is filled with choices of corruption and parity, each of them having consequences that you need to deal with. Tropico 6 is about achieving a balance between the population and your electoral campaign that can be easily sabotaged by your own choices. The game keeps you hooked to it for a long time and is perfect for people looking for a game that involves more than just building structures.

  • Aven Colony

Set into outer space, Aven Colony is a game based on a different planet that puts you in-charge of reviving the human race in difficult conditions. You are given the title of Governor and have a chance to climb up the ranks to become a President, all while fighting lack of oxygen, devastating natural disasters and deadly alien life-forms. The game sees a drastic change over the course of time which starts with building basic living structures like houses to having a space army at your disposal later in the game. Aven Colony Is much more than a city-building game and makes for a unique gameplay of extra-terrestrial survival.

  • Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a much different game than your traditional city-builder with edgy graphics that are set in the ice age. Your task is to keep your citizens alive by running a heater that keeps them warm and alive. The game is not forgiving and produces tough choices for the player that can either make or break your gameplay. Choosing between one’s death and the entire city’s survival is just one of the examples of how the game puts the user into tough situations. Frostpunk is not for the casual gamers and the role of building your city only becomes difficult as the game progresses. Frostpunk is known as one of the hardest city-builder games not because of its ability to put down structures but its intense expectation of strategic decision making from its player.

  • Surviving Mars

With the red planet as your home, Surviving Mars is yet another city-builder game that relies on the survival of humans on this barren planet. You as the player are responsible for finding the perfect land that can be fertilised for growing food. The game features stunning visuals and survival based gameplay that spans well into the latter parts of the game. If survival on another planet are the things that you like, you must give Surviving Mars a spin.

  • SimCity 4

Right from early days on Windows 98, SimCity is one of the oldest franchises of city-building games. It is regarded as one of the first city building games on PC and its mobile version has also seen a fair amount of popularity in the Android gaming community. SimCity offers a unique experience to the player that surpasses any game that was made in 2003. This city-builder allows you to take charge of your city and instead of survival based gameplay, the game focuses on details that help you make your dream city. SimCity relies on nostalgia for the players to enjoy it and while many may see it as old, it still makes for a good trip down the memory lane for fans of the original SimCity.

  • Cities: Skylines

This game has seen a meteoric rise to success mainly due to its integration with Steam and its enormously large Workshop feature. Cities: Skylines is without a doubt one of the best city building games that one can find right now. The realistic visuals combined with the possibility to add a McDonald’s restaurant in your city makes the game perfect for all kinds of players. The game has seen several DLCs that add new features and depth to the game and every time you think you have a perfect city in hand, a new DLC will make you revamp your city to accommodate new services for your citizens. One of the best features of the games is its mods community that allows you to even control the life of a citizen or even cause a natural disaster by yourself to unleash the wrath on your citizens. Cities: Skylines is one of the best games to start your city-building dreams.

  • Anno 1800

Travel back in time with Anno 1800’s Industrial Revolution based setup. The game allows you to trade with outside connections and build your own city. The unique theme of the game makes the visuals all the more appealing as the game continues and you grow your empire. Offering several modes which include campaign, multiplayer and sandbox, the game’s endless nature makes anyone go wild with their city ideas. Anno 1800 is one of the few games that allows you to keep track of your enemy and make diplomatic ties with allies for the benefit of your city.

  • Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition

Just like the humble beginnings of SimCity, Age of Empires franchise has also come very far since their early launch. Based on a strategy that revolves around building armies while the worker population gets busy in city-building, Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is one of the classics that every gamer has played in the past. The recent iteration allowed the use of HD graphics which had earlier plagued the game’s visuals.

  • Banished

Developed by Shining Rock Software, this survival game involves growing your city in a self-sufficient machine. Banished has an uncommon approach to its game-play that involves economics and optimisation that many city-building games lack. The complex nature of this game captures you into the game for a long time. The game has received mixed reviews with some admiring the beautiful graphics while others disliking the high difficulty in the early game. Either way, Banished offers a one-of-a-kind experience as a city building game.

  • Ostriv

Ostriv puts you in front of a struggling 18th century town where you are responsible to use your management skills to creatively revive the city. Its survival mode is filled with challenges while its sandbox mode is perfectly designed for the ones who seek perfection in their city without the limitations posed by the story of the game.

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How to Add Programs to Startup in Windows 10

Startup programs refer to those applications and software programs that are designated to launch once the Windows 10 device starts up. There are multiple ways of managing which apps to run once the computer starts up. However, only one of the three available methods is beneficial when it comes to adding apps to startup in a Windows 10 device. Users can try enabling or disabling applications from running on Startup by either going to the Application Startup Control Panel or toolbar. However, if you wish to add a new startup program, then you need to pay a visit to the startup folder.

Tip: Certain modern applications have an inbuilt capability known as “run at startup.” In case the application comes with this feature, then you can easily enable it.

 About Windows Startup Folder

The Windows startup folder refers to the folder which the OS enters to find apps to run when the Windows starts up. In older Windows versions, it was the only way for managing startup programs. When you add an app shortcut, that app launches when the device starts. When you remove the app shortcut, the app does not launch when the OS starts. Even though Windows 10 comes with a new app startup Control Panel, which helps you manage the startup programs, the startup folder is the most convenient way to add startup apps.

Steps to Add Apps to Windows 10 Startup

  1. Get started by hitting the Win + R keys for opening the Run dialog box.
  2. Once the Run dialog box appears on the screen, enter shell: startup command.
  3. After that, locate the startup folder and right-click on it.
  4. From the context menu, select the New option.
  5. Now, click on the Shortcut option.
  6. In case you know where the program is located, then type its location.
  7. Or else, click on the Browse button and find the app on the system.
  8. Now, simply click on the Next button.
  9. Enter a name for the app shortcut.
  10. Click on the Finish button.
  11. You can create an additional link for any program that you wish to run automatically when your device starts.
  12. Finally, reboot your device, and the newly added startup app will launch automatically.

Disadvantages of Adding Apps to the Windows 10 Startup Folder

The pros of adding apps you use daily to the startup folder of your device are apparent. Rather than waiting for the operating system to boot up and then manually opening the commonly used apps, you simply have to power on your device, and everything will load automatically.

However, the problem is that Windows may take a lot of time to load the startup programs. Each program that gets loaded consumes resources such as memory and processor juice. Loading a number of random apps may cause your computer to slow down or start hanging.

In case you have a change of mind regarding the applications that have been added to the startup folder, then you can get rid of them by deleting the shortcuts.

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Use These Best Screen Recorders on Your Desktop

Screen recorders have turned out to be one of the best inventions that can help you capture everything that’s happening on the screen of the desktop. These recorders can also be used to stream live videos or to save those videos for later use.

A lot of screen recorders allow you to add voice overs, captions, notes, and other editing tools to personalize the screen recorded videos as your own. Further, you can also export these recordings in one of the multiple formats that they offer, or you can share them directly on any streaming channel or social media page.

But every Screen recorder that you see is not always the best. If you are looking for one of the best screen recording apps, then keep reading the list given below.

OBS Studio

OBS stands for open broadcaster software that is available on Windows, MacOS 10.13+, and Linux. It is very easy to use, and you can simply download and begin the streaming process. Use custom transition features to seamlessly switch between an unlimited number of scenes. You will get the best high-performance real-time video and audio capturing and mixing services on this software. Modular Dock UI allows you to customize and rearrange the layouts effortlessly.

Apowersoft free online screen recorder

You can directly start recording the screen by using the screen recorder feature from their website. They provide a user guide as well to help you record everything effortlessly. The recording mode and region or where you want to save the video can be customized before you start recording. Either save the video on your local disk or upload it directly on any platform. Video streaming, live demonstrations, live chat, and other types of activities can be recorded using the Scenarios features, and you can export your files in MP4, WMV, AVI, ASF, GIF, MPEG, VOB, and FLV format. It also makes screen capturing very flexible as you can customize the region you want to record.

FlashBack Express

This app consists of a lot of advanced features and ten days of a free trial. Some of the best features are Capture Anywhere, Webcam Footage, Audio Commentary, No Limits on the video length, No Watermark on your recorded videos, and easy Sharing on any platform. However, you get all the best features for free, but flashback also provides a pro subscription plan that allows you a full video editing suite. The FlashBack Pro plan also allows you to add images, sounds, captions, video effects, and you can export those files in any format. Whereas in the free plan, you get to save your videos only in MP4, AVI, and WMV format.


This software is available on all versions of Windows Linux and Mac for free. It doesn’t include any ads and stamps and will protect your screen recording from viruses. It is an ideal choice for designers, developers, eLearning, Business Communication, Project Management, and other various procedures. It is very easy to use; it protects your content switch end to end encryption and gives you the control to share your recording with anyone. You can add comments, screenshots, captions, and other features on your video. Use the analytics features to review the viewers of your videos. Managing your content becomes easy as you can tag your files and add them to collections for effortless sorting of your files.


This is also an open-source program that allows you to capture and record on-screen videos. Choose from multiple capturing methods such as full screen, last region, scrolling capture, text capture, and more. Apart from the video recording, you can also edit the videos and add image effects, watermarks, print images, etc. You can capture the screen in three types of regions, i.e., rectangle, ellipses, and freehand. It also offers video sanitation tools for vivid video editing. Upload the saved videos in any Images Uploaded, Text Uploaders, File Uploader, URL shortener, and sharing services.


It is one of the highly-rated screen recorders for PC, but it is only available on Windows. It can be used to record lectures, webinars, video calls, games, etc. to add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam to share the file directly on YouTube or any other platform of your choice. The area you want to record can be customized easily. If you are a YouTuber who wants to record react videos, you can use the Webcam Overlay feature to record videos of yourself on the video that you are recording. Customize the videos by using real-time drawing, voiceover, etc. and you can also add logos and animations to it.

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How to Increase Your Growth on Instagram in an Organic Way

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms. Nowadays, users are using it for business purposes on a large scale. With over 1 billion active users, it is a pretty challenging task to manage and grow your page to a level where it can get discovered by a large number of people. Your page needs to have the right amount of followers to get found in the main newsfeeds section of Instagram so that a higher number of users can see the content you post and reach on your page directly through those posts. Though there are paid promotions available for growing your account on Instagram, there is a good chance that you can also do this task organically. For this purpose, we have mentioned some strategies to increase your growth naturally on Instagram.

Regular Posting of Content

To grow your Instagram account organically, the first step you need to follow is to upload content regularly. Posting content frequently will let your account get discovered in the news feeds of other accounts. If you are posting quality content that is relevant to your page, your account may get followers from all over the world. Posting content regularly will retain your followers because when they are following you, they will expect posts from your account daily. You need to check out which time works well for your account. You will have to experiment on what time in a day you get more engagements on your posts.

The Game of Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in letting users reach a more significant number of audiences. Hashtags help users to come to the main newsfeeds of Instagram as well. Generally, all business accounts are public. And if you, too, have a public account, you may add a hashtag to your post. By doing so, your post will appear in the list of other posts where the same hashtag was used. Suppose, if some users are searching for images or videos related to that particular hashtag, they will get the list of all the photos or videos that have used that specific hashtag. In that list, they will also get to see the content you have uploaded with that hashtag in your caption. This will let you target the audience who loves watching content related to that particular hashtag, and they may follow your account for further updates. Make sure you don’t have more than 30 hashtags for a post, as it will not work. This is because Instagram has set a limit of 30 hashtags per post.

Hashtags can be of different categories. They can be: related to a brand or product connected to any particular industry or related to a community of sports, news, or events; related to locations, seasons, quotes, or motivational phrases; or about different fields of entertainment. You can choose from a variety of hashtags that suits your content correctly. Also, you can experiment using an array of hashtags to interact with the audience of different communities. If you are not able to find relevant hashtags that you want for your post, you can use the “Hashtags Suggestions” feature, where you can select from a range of hashtags for your post.

Interact with Your Audience

The best way to retain followers is to keep yourself active on your account. For that purpose, you can interact with your audience by giving them replies when they comment on your posts (if not all, then at least a few). And also post content in which you can ask for public opinion. These kinds of posts engage more audiences.

Follow Other Influencers

You can follow other accounts that are related to your business in some way, and by commenting on their posts, you may get discovered by the people who are following them. You may attract their audience to your account too.

Upload Fresh and Relevant Content

To attract the audience on a large scale, you should post relevant stuff that portrays your business. You should hardly post any content which is independent of your business. You can also add stories to your account regarding the newly launched products and engage the audience by creating some real-time contest or giveaway by distributing freebies.

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Understand Search Engines in a More Comprehensive Way

A large number of users use Google Search to get the answer to their queries. But, it seems that only a few of them have any understanding of the search engine. Since it has been proved many times that ordinary users are far from having any better understanding of the search engine, it is only benefitting the big brands, advertisers and Google itself.

Google Search was introduced among the people with the basic idea of enabling them to search for whatever they want. The smart and quick algorithms filter the results of the searching. Later, these are made visible on the result pages according to their usefulness through links and websites. However, this the whole game that common users need to understand regarding the pages of search engine results. The appearing of some pages at the top of the search engine results is all the tactics of search engine optimization and massive expenditure on advertising. It can be understood in a better way with the findings of a recent survey. According to a survey made recently, it has been revealed that only 37 percent of users have an understanding of the working of Google Search. Also, more than 54 per cent thought that the website ranking at the top is the best. These two points are the primary cause of the problem. It is showing that consumers do not understand the mechanics driving the search engine results.

Most of the people think that the links appearing at the top of the search engine are the best. But, this is not true as most of the time the top link is often an ad. The link appearing at the top is only because these are paid to be placed at the top. Since these links are termed as ads and so the search engine giant has made it difficult for the people to differentiate between the organic and paid results. As most of the users are not able to distinguish clearly between the ads and organic results, it paves the way for the advertisers to manipulate the users. The consumers got manipulated by thinking that the links appearing at the top are the best.

Search Problems of Google are more than only Ads.

The problems of the search engine are not limited to ads only but also accompanied by the way often used by consumers to search for something. The approach adopted by the consumers not only impacts their results for searching but also impacts small scale businesses hugely. Big companies always have more enormous funds which they invest in getting their SEO optimized. It ensures their websites to rank higher in the search engine by attracting massive traffic through words and phrases. It means the use of limited and straightforward terms for attracting traffic such as the best restaurant. Most of the people start their search by inserting these simple words, which makes these big brands more profitable. But, this practice falls back to the small business to adopt long-tail phrases and keywords. For example, the long-tail keyword may include the best restaurant in the city. This will also be searched and clicked on several times aggravating the problem for the small businesses. If people clicked on such long-tail keywords, then also there is a massive chance for the brand ranking for the one search keyword to rank again higher for the similar searches.

One of the biggest reasons is the reliance on Google on authority sites to rank higher. There are several factors which contribute to making a site authority site, but the primary consideration is the linking of more and more websites to one site. So, more and more sites try to link to other sites to increase their authority even though the site is not relevant. This all has been done without mentioning the negative issues of SEO where Google can devalue the site for being not so reputable. This can hit the websites of small businesses badly. In the end, since Google has made the system in such a way that it has become profitable for advertisers and big brands. Most of the consumers often tap on the link appearing at the top along with using the short phrases for searching without understanding the whole mechanics.

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