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Roku Activation Steps for Roku Account

The following instructions can guide you to activate and link the Roku device with your Roku account:

  1. At first, you must set up the Roku device to get the Roku activation code.
  2. Then, connect the HDMI cable to the Roku device and then to the port of the TV’s HDMI port.
  3. Power up the Roku device by connecting the power adapter to the Roku device and the power supply.
  4. Secondly, choose the right HDMI port using your TV remote.
  5. After that, proceed with the on screen setup like choosing the language, display, theme, etc.
  6. Make sure to load the batteries into the Roku remote and pair it with the Roku device using the guidelines on the screen,
  7. Next, connect the Roku device to the wireless network.
  8. The Roku streaming player will scan for the networks available, make sure to choose yours.
  9. Key in the network password and link the device so that it will update to its latest version.
  10. Most importantly, now, you will get the Roku activation code on the screen.
  11. Start with the activation process for your Roku device.
  12. Note this code and reach the Roku activation site, roku/link, using a web browser.
  13. And then, you must enter the Roku link code into the text box without any mistakes.
  14. Finally, you must link the roku account using the credentials with your Roku device to start the activation process.
  15. Further, if you don’t have a roku account, make sure to create one by paying your bucks.

Dail the support number +1-805-357-1800 and get help from our team of  Roku customer support to create a Roku account


Let us help you to activate your Roku device

Activate your Roku gadget, and this process is easy. Collect the hardware, select the appropriate settings, and create the Roku account. Login to the account to find the activation code. The last and final step is to provide the code visiting the portal, Roku/link.  

Now your gadget will be linked to the  Roku account. In case if you need any help and support to execute Roku / link activation, reach out to our team of customer support. Make a note of the toll-free number + 1-888-298-2680 navigating to the website portal for more updates


Setup – Troubleshoot – Assistance for Roku Device

To start with select the best streaming player device of your choice and need. Make the Roku setup accordingly. The setup requires hardware components, a high-speed internet connection, and the creation of a Roku account. Now link the device to your Roku account. Follow the necessary steps to complete the setup process. Nextly perform the software and driver download for your device. Go on with the Roku account activation. Enter the Roku login credentials and link the device with your account. Roku activation code will appear on the TV screen. Now visit the Roku com link activate code web page and enter the code. Finally, click submits. You can now subscribe to the Roku channels of your choice.

roku com link activate code
roku com link activate code