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Access Your AOL Email Using Apple’s Mail

Being considered as one of the most dignified email service providers, AOL provides hassle-free email services to its users. If you want to access your AOL email, you need to ensure that you have a web browser and good internet connectivity. It will ultimately become easier for you to use a single application instead of using both-AOL Email and Apple’s Mail, which will keep your emails more organized. You can specifically create an AOL mail account in the Apple mail application on your Mac. So, if you want to set up your AOL email using Apple’s mail app, follow these below-mentioned steps. These steps will make you able to access your AOL email using Apple’s mail. And, if you do not wish to move further with the steps, you can skip it here and call a tech expert at AOL support number to get technical assistance from well-trained experts.


Steps to access AOL email using Apple’s mail:


Step 1: The very first step would be to go to the ‘Main Menu,’ where you will get to see an option ‘Add Account,’ click on it.

Step 2: After this, a window will open saying “Choose a mail account provider,” click on that and select ‘AOL.’

Step 3: Proceed by clicking on ‘Continue.’

Step 4: Now, enter your ‘AOL email address’ or ‘username’ and proceed by hitting on ‘Next.’

Step 5: Provide your ‘Password’ and click ‘Ok.’ And, you will be done with signing into your account.

Step 6: After this step, you will see some information written on the screen, read it carefully. The information will consist of- AOL calendar, contacts, mail, and profiles. This information will be accessible on Mac once you agree. However, you will be asked to ‘Agree’ to the AOL terms and conditions.’ Checkmark this option.

Step 7: Now, you will get to see a number of apps where you will be required to select the apps you need to use with the AOL account.

Step 8: And now, you will see a new AOL inbox in the mail.

Step 9: You will now start receiving your AOL emails.


However, you might ask more questions to answer, so you will need to follow these formats when providing the information.


  • IMAP server:
  • IMAP User Name: Your AOL screen name
  • IMAP password: Your AOL Mail password
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • IMAP TLS/SSL: Required
  • SMTP server address:
  • SMTP user name: Your AOL screen name
  • SMTP password: Your AOL mail password
  • SMTP port: 587
  • SMTP TLS/SSL: Required


These steps will help in accessing your AOL email using Apple’s mail. If you face any difficulties implementing these steps, do not hesitate to call at AOL contact  number to get tech assistance by trained professionals who are present r

ound the clock.


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How to Install AOL One Point

Whenever you surf different online applications on your system, it becomes a daunting task for you to keep track of all your login details and passwords of accounts. Here comes the AOL One Point in action. It’s an innovative software that stores your passwords on the desktop. This superior software provides its users with the benefit of a one-click secure login to their online AOL accounts (be it products or services accounts). Moreover, this operating system consists of a user-friendly dashboard that helps in log-in to all your password-protected accounts. In order to download this amazing software, go through these steps and start installing it in your system. Otherwise, you can call an expert technician at AOL support number to learn more about the app and how it keeps your data secure.

Steps to Install AOL One Point

Once your computer meets system requirements after verifying for AOL One Point, it’s time to follow the guidelines to download and install it in your device.

Step 1: Make sure to switch on the ‘Internet’ in your device

Step 2: Go to the ‘AOL My Benefits’ webpage

Step 3: Provide your AOL username and password and successfully sign in to your account.

Step 4: Go to the ‘Products and Services’ section

Step 5: Click ‘AOL One Point’

Step 6: Put the cursor on ‘AOL One Point Plan Feature’ and hit ‘Download Now.’

Step 7: Keep following the on-screen instructions in order to install the software and click ‘finish.’

With AOL One Point, your passwords are safe as it encrypts your passwords securely. Even if your device gets lost, damaged or stolen, the passwords are kept secure. So, these are the steps to install this software successfully in your system. If the installation is not configuring properly on your computer, you can speak to a certified expert at the AOL contact number to resolve the issue faster. The technicians are available 24 hours a day and will help you to detect the root cause of the error with the correct solution without much effort.

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