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Professional Data Recovery Service in Dubai

Dubai Data Recovery

Picture this: The first thing you notice when you wake up in the morning is that all of the files on your smartphone have been wiped. There are no images in your iPhone’s Gallery! Do you have any idea how awful this would be? It is possible to cease. But each day, thousands of people all across the world experience this. Just like that, all of your treasured memories disappeared from your drive without a backup. You are constrained by the age dilemma. What shall I now do? So you begin a frantic quest for solutions. Search engines and individuals you know have both asked, “How to restore data from hard disk?” You don’t need to worry, just call 045864033 data recovery Dubai for UAE Technician

We recover data from


How critical is your data? Because of this, UAE Technician offers many types of data recovery  Dubai. Data recovery from your Apple iPhone to any external hard drive All of this is done by UAE technicians in our Dubai data recovery service centre.


Hard drives are popular and essential today for maintaining storage of your data and keeping a backup. Even now, the majority of consumers still use external hard drives for their laptops and desktops. But occasionally hard drives fail as a result of a power surge, a virus on a connected system, or some other hardware problem. The likelihood of data loss increases when this occurs. Because we have created a fully functional, state-of-the-art studio and facility available for  Hard Disk Data Recovery  in Dubai, our certified professionals at UAE Technician can recover your data rapidly. Among our services are the following:

Data Recovery Services in Dubai we provide:

1- Data Recovery from Hard Drive
2- Desktop HDD Recovery
3- Laptop HDD Recovery
4- MacBook Data Recovery
5- SSD Recovery
6- RAID Recovery
7- SCSI & SAS Recovery
8- USB and Memory Card Data Recovery
9- iPhone Data Transfer and Recovery

In typically, data recovery takes 6 hours to 2 days. For data recovery from any drive or device you possess, we offer free pick-up and delivery anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Our team of skilled computer experts can retrieve virtually anything and anything from your device. To get a free quote right away, contact 045864033 on our toll-free number.

Your initial option for data recovery.

Without a proper backup, it’s also possible that you unintentionally erase these files. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE Technician offers expert data recovery services. We are skilled in retrieving all of your data from any storage device. We have a highly qualified professional staff that can address your

Computer HDD Recovery

The HDD in a desktop computer is more stable than those in laptops or tablets because it is typically used at home. The HDD may malfunction during a power line surge, in which case you risk losing the data that is stored inside. A desktop HDD can malfunction for a variety of reasons, but our professionals can help you recover your desktop HDD’s data recovery in Dubai.

Recovery for laptop HDD


The risk to the HDD on a laptop is substantially greater than the risk to the HDD on a desktop. A laptop is utilised for work on the go and in more challenging environments. Your laptop HDD has a good probability of being easily destroyed. As a result, data loss on laptops is more frequent, and our technicians

Drive Recovery

Solid State Drives are more reliable than HDDs because they are speedier and don’t have any moving parts. Because these drives were made differently, the recovery procedure becomes rather unique. Your data recovery in the UAE will be assisted by our qualified specialists.

The RAID Recovery

To store additional data, some users combine multiple physical drives into a RAID array. Data loss may occur if one of the discs is physically harmed. Any form of RAID massive can have its data recovered by one of our experts.

SAS Recovery & SCSI

Your computer can use a variety of storage devices thanks to SCSI and SAS technology. However, there is a danger that your data could be lost if one of the components fails. We are really skilled and will recover.USB and Memory Card Data Recovery

A very common form of storage is memory cards and USB drives.

They can be found in devices like cameras, smartphones, tablets, home security systems, and more. Some users keep sensitive files there that could be lost due to formatting or other issues. Your important data will be restored, thanks to the efforts of our team.

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the rest of the UAE, our service centre offers the quickest and most trustworthy data recovery.

Greetings from our top service location, UAE Technician. In Dubai, we offer the quickest and most trustworthy data recovery services!

You must have a diagnosis in order to receive the final cost.

If your device exhibits physical damage, we will bring it into our workshop for additional inspection and deliver the results of that analysis within two days. However, we promise that using our data recovery service in Sharjah, you will be able to retrieve all of your lost data.


IVA Pros and Cons UK | Call : 0333803165

What is an VAT, Know About VAT Pros and Cons?

What is Individual Voluntary Arrangements, or IVAs, are a type of voluntary agreement. It’s a formal, legally enforceable agreement that freezes interest and charges on your unsecured debts for a set length of time, allowing you to pay your creditors a manageable sum over time. Any outstanding unsecured debt will be written off if the project is completed successfully. An IVA can shield you from creditors taking legal action against you, such as filing for bankruptcy or filing a court application for payment default. for

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) contain IVA Pros and Cons that should be weighed equally before making an application. It can be a tempting option to bankruptcy, with fewer long-term consequences for you and your finances. There are no upfront expenses with us, creditor pressure and interest will be stopped for the period of the arrangement, and any unpaid debt will be written off once the arrangement is completed. However, you should be aware that an IVA is a legally enforceable agreement that must be approved by your creditors, and the terms of your agreement will be made public It will also have a negative impact on your credit score. For IVA Pros and UK

IVA Advantages

For those wishing to pay off their obligations while avoiding bankruptcy, an IVA may be a viable choice.

  1. Even if creditors vote no, they are still obliged by your proposition.
  2. Creditors who have made unsecured loans are unable to pursue any further action.
  3. As long as you keep up with your payments, interest is normally frozen.
  4. Once the IVA is in place, all debt interest and creditor pressure are suspended. If an IVA is approved, it is binding on all parties, even if one or more creditors did not agree to the proposal. After the agreement is in place, the IP will deal with all of your creditors, saving you time and money.

IVA disadvantages

So, those are some of the most important IVA benefits. Before you file for an IVA, be sure you understand the ramifications of the agreement and how it will affect you and your finances in the future.

  1. Your IVA is recorded in a public database.
  2. In order to prepare your plan and obtain your creditors’ approval, the insolvency practitioner may request money in advance.
  3. If your home has some equity (worth) after taking into account the mortgage(s), you will most likely have to remortgage the property to pay for your portion, usually in the fifth year of your IVA. If you are unable to obtain a remortgage, you may be forced to make monthly or quarterly payments from your salary for up to another year.
  4. To be successful, the IVA must receive permission from creditors who own at least 75% of the debt’s worth. If creditors do not believe the IVA proposal would provide them with a higher return than bankruptcy or another debt relief alternative, they may reject it. You’ll have to look into other choices after that.

Low Interest Rates

You may be having extremely difficulty paying interest since it is expensive and you are unable to afford it. You will not have to pay a high rate of interest if you are approved for a debt pros and cons of VAT. You just have to pay your creditor the agreed-upon amount.

Your lender is prohibited by law from imposing any additional fees, such as late fees. It’s important to remember that the agreement covers all of your accounts. As a result, your creditor has no legal authority to demand further money from you.

Just Dial National Debt helpline number 03338803165 for VAT Advice in UK. We have expert team for providing best solution for your financial problems.




Macbook Repair Services Sharjah | Call : 045864033

Why you should go for Macbook repair services Sharjah

Any Apple product, including iPhone, iPad, and Macbook, is known for its high quality. MacBook is simply at another level compared to other PCs and laptop brands. They are sleek and quite portable. As much as the MacBook cost, it is worth every penny and attention that the user gets. The only thing that the MacBook user needs to be careful of is the maintenance of the MacBook. 

It would be helpful if you were not running around with MacBook at hand. If it accidentally falls, the Macbook repair cost would be deadly. But, you cannot just scrap your valuable MacBook due to some damages. If it is repairable, you should opt for the MacBook repair services in Sharjah. 

The MacBook repair services in Sharjah are the ultimate rescue to your MacBook-related concerns. The MacBook repair services Sharjah, the UAE Technician, offers a wide range of MacBook repair services. They provide proper MacBook repair servicing if:

  • The battery does not charge up.
  • It takes too long to boot.
  • The system heats up too soon.
  • There is an unexpected buzzing sound.
  • The MacBook’s MacBook’s performance went down due to faulty hardware. 

If your MacBook shows these signs, you should directly seek MacBook repair services in Sharjah. 

If you are unsure where to take your MacBook for repair, below are a few reasons to opt for MacBook repair services in Sharjah. 

Diverse MacBook repair servicing

However minor or major your MacBook issue is, MacBook repair services Sharjah has a solution for all. The various MacBook repair services include installation and update issues, battery repair, configuration issues, broken MacBook screen replacements, motherboard repair, charging port repair, hard disk malfunctioning, power button repair, trackpad or keyboard problem, data recovery, and speaker fixes. 

Reliable expert Macbook technicians

MacBook repair services in Sharjah have a big team of expert and reliable technicians to resolve your MacBook issues. They are well-trained and skilled technicians who provide MacBook repair servicing as per your issue and requirements. When you take your MacBook issue to them, they will identify your MacBook’sMacBook’s root cause and suggest probable solutions to resolve the case. Depending on the servicing cost, you can decide whether to repair your MacBook or not. 

quick response

The MacBook repair services in Sharjah care about their customers’ laptop and computer concerns. That is why they ensure to provide the customers timely service and response. If you need to have your MacBook repaired, they will give you a prompt response depending on the type of MacBook issue and the type of MacBook repair service. 

Guaranteed error repair services

This policy is what draws people to get MacBook repair services in Sharjah. Even though they are confident about their quality service, they offer a warranty period to their customers. If the MacBook, after getting repaired by MacBook repair services in Sharjah, has the issue recurred again within the warranty period will be repaired free of cost. 

These points should be enough to consider going for MacBook repair services in Sharjah if you need your MacBook concerns resolved. 

For all the problem and information about repairing replacement of laptop and computer, you call | 045864033


Compaq Laptop Screen Replacement Services in Dubai, UAE

Compaq laptop is one of the most popular laptop in the market. We offer all types of LCD and LED screens for Compaq Aspire models; simply give us a call or fill out the free quote form, and we’ll have your Compaq laptop screen replacement the same day!

Below mentioned are some of the models we have repaired in the past:

  • Compaq DeskPro
  • Portable 486
  • Compaq Contura Aero 4/25
  • concerto
  • Compaq Presario CQ40 601TU
  • Compaq Evo D300 series
  • Evo N150 series
  • Compaq Evo T20 series
  • Compaq Presario MV500
  • Presario C502TU

UAE Technician is providing so much convenience for your Laptop Screen Replace has a quick, low-cost, and efficient turnaround time. In most circumstances, the Compaq Laptop LED Screen can be replaced on the spot the same day. In comparison to most of our competitors, you will have to wait 2-3 days or even weeks for a Compaq Laptop Computer Repair, but all of our Compaq Laptop Computer Repairs are completed locally, in our tech lab.

UAE Technician provide Compaq Laptop Screen Repair Service in Dubai

We have the best team of highly skilled engineers to handle any problem with Compaq Laptop screens. For our customers, we provide door-to-door repairing services. Simply phone us at 045864033, and one of our UAE technicians will arrive at your house to collect your gadgets.

Before replacing the screen on your Compaq laptop, ensure sure the new replacement screen is the same SIZE, RESOLUTION, and BACKLIGHT TYPE as the original!

Broken screen

  • Shattered glass
  • Color issues
  • Dead pixels
  • Laptop LCD brightness issues
  • Fuzzy colour Lines
  • Cracked LCD screen
  • Broken or other damages
  • Touchscreen troubleshooting

Display ports issue Display ports issue UAE Technician is always there for your Laptop repair services

A laptop or computer is an expensive piece of equipment. We are hesitant to follow the counsel of a local technician. Users are often hesitant to trust them with genuine parts.

We promise genuine components and certified technicians that will take the best possible care of your gadget. Our philosophy has always been to provide you with the most appropriate solution. When our customers choose us as their service partner, we provide them with a number of advantages.

  • 24×7 Assistance
  • Transparent transactions
  • quality advice
  • On-site visits
  • Affordable price quotes

UAE Technician this, you can get your Compaq Laptop Screen Replacement done and you can contact on the given helpline number 045864033 He always wishes you success.


Debt Relief Order

What debts can be included in a debt relief order (DRO)?

Which debts are written off with a debt relief order (DRO)? And which debts can’t be included in a DRO? Neil Dingley, an Insolvency Practitioner and Partner of Moore Recovery in Stoke on Trent, explains the criteria when applying for a DRO.

What is a debt relief order (DRO)?

A debt relief order (DRO) is a personal debt solution option available to individuals who meet the specified criteria. They were introduced in 2009 following a government consultation which identified the disproportionate nature of bankruptcy for individuals with little income or assets.

How long does a debt relief order last for?

The way this debt solution works is that you do not have to pay certain debts for a specified period, usually 12 months. It covers credit card debt, overdrafts and telephone bills.

After 12 months, or when the DRO comes to an end, the debts included in the DRO will be written off or discharged ad you will not have to pay off those debt

How do you apply for a debt relief order (DRO)?

A DRO application must be made via an authorised debt advisor, who will check the individual meets the criteria set out above. A fee of £90 payable to the Official Receiver, the government body who deals with DROs.

Once the application is made the Official Receiver reviews the same and will either accept or reject the DRO.

Assuming it is accepted, the Official Receiver will notify the individual that the DRO has been made and will notify any creditors who are covered by the DRO. The Individual Insolvency Register will also be updated with details of the DRO

What are the alternatives to a debt relief order (DRO)?

debt management plan requires the individual to make agreed monthly payments to their creditors. However, it is not binding on creditors, which could lead to action being taken against the individual by their creditors.

An IVA is similar to a debt management plan in that monthly payments are made into the arrangement, but it is a formally binding agreement which may offer comfort to the individual as creditors cannot pursue them. However, the terms of the IVA must be met, and are monitored by an IVA supervisor. Should they not the arrangement may fail which could result in renewed pursuit by creditors.

If the individual has significant assets, creditors may pursue bankruptcy as a final option to ensure all aspects of the individual’s financial status are considered. An individual can also apply for their own bankruptcy if they consider it to be the best/only option.

Benefits of a DRO

A debt relief order can be a low-cost alternative to bankruptcy.

You don’t pay anything towards your debts for 12 months, after that they’ll be written off.

Your creditors can’t pursue you for your debts during the 12 month period.

Although a DRO is a formal debt solution, you don’t need to appear in court.

Risks of a DRO

A DRO is only available if you owe less than £20,000 and live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

You’ll need to pay the Insolvency Service a one-off fee of £90. If you qualify, our specialist team can help you apply.

You can’t apply if you’re a homeowner.

A DRO will appear on a public register and will affect your credit report negatively.

Useful numbers to call

For more information please contact us on 03338803165 to arrange to speak with one of our specialist advisers.