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How Do Subway Surfers MOD APK v2.2.1 Changes The Game

A mobile game is a digital game that is played on a mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch etc. The oldest known game on mobile phones was Tetris, but these days games have become highly advanced because of the advancement in technology. 

The olden day’s games were 2-dimensional, with low graphics and negligible mobile specifications were required to play these games. But these days, games have become highly addictive because of the attractive and engaging features that they provide. These games exhibit good graphics and user-friendly interface. 

Today, game apps are either offline applications(single player games) or online applications(both single and multiplayer games). This is a fundamental difference between offline and online games. Online games let us play with our family and friends.

The modern-day mobile games may have minimal specifications to high-end specifications required for the game to run as there is massive advancement in graphics, size and the gameplay of the games. That’s why mobile games have become addictive and exciting to play now. 

These days, almost everyone carries a mobile phone with an internet connection, and that has made access to these mobile games even more comfortable. Everyone likes to play games in their spare time, whether it is a child or an adult. Games tend to refresh one’s mind and lighten their mood. 

Today we are going to talk about the most popular arcade game that has become highly addictive, and it is called Subway Surfers. This game is often compared with Temple Run as both these games have one thing in common, and that is they both are endless running games. But Subway Surfers is a different game package with lots of twists and turns when compared to Temple Run

Subway Surfers is a single-player endless running game and was co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. In Subway Surfers, the default character is Jake. The policeman and his dog chase him,  for being caught up on the act of doing graffiti on the walls. 

The game goes on with the basic idea of Jake running on the railway tracks, avoiding collisions with the train and other objects like poles, tunnels, walls and barriers by jumping, sliding and dodging them. On the way, while running, some coins are collected to unlock other characters in the game or to level up the power-ups. 

There are power-ups which help in collecting the coins like super sneakers, magnet, jetpack, 2x multiplier etc. These power-ups bring excitement to the game and offer something new, thus making it different from Temple Run. 

Subway Surfers is the only game that you can play endlessly for hours without any hassle and without getting tired of it. You can even download the Subway Surfers Hack Version with unlimited coins and keys

This game has its unique features and sometimes with some modifications within the game, you can also achieve some high levels and make an outstanding high score in the game and beat everyone else throughout the world. 

The only way your run ends is when you bump into a train or any other obstacles on your way, which ends up JAKE being caught up by the policeman. There is a way by which you can revive yourself, and that is by using the keys. You can even collect these keys on your route along with the coins. Make sure that you are active enough to spot them and grab them at the earliest. 

Therefore, we can say that Subway Surfers MOD APK is a fun, exciting, joyful and exciting endless running game which can be downloaded from the play store or the given link and that too for free.